Seek your own approval

You don’t need anyone’s approval to tell you you’re good enough. Life shouldn’t be about seeking other people’s approval, it should be about working on your own approval. Seeing things for yourself.

If someone stands in judgment, or chooses to walk away and decides to physically remove themselves indefinitely from your life, their actions say everything about them.

People withdraw usually because of how they feel about themselves, their own insecurities and worth; their own limitations and although those having nothing to do with you, it won’t stop them trying to make it about you.

Your worth isn’t based upon other people’s acceptance of you. You don’t need anyone’s approval and are free to make your decisions.

10 May, 2016

6 thoughts on “Seek your own approval

  1. I don’t know if I should be pissed or impressed when someone feels I’m not good enough, but you can’t save a fish from drowning in it’s own feces.

    Seeking our own approval protects us from people who need to build themselves up by putting others down.

    1. Yes it absolutely does protect us Tim. I know one or two people who constantly looked for approval in their childhood.

      It’s not that we set out to impress anyone, but we will always seek approval where there is little to no support and we feel unworthy or unloved.

      It starts in childhood and continues into adulthood, unless we work to change it of course.

  2. I have never sought anyone’s approval other than my own and I’m pleased to say that has not often let me down. After all we only have ourselves to answer to.

    1. As children we tend to seek our parents’ approval just by the nature of parent/child relationship, but that didn’t happen for you, but agree as the adult we need less of the parent approval and more of our own.

      At the end of the day you’re right, we have ourselves to answer to. There are instances where we are answerable to others, such as institutions like work, but usually in a private capacity, we are answerable to ourselves.

      We also have to be able live with ourselves on any decisions we make.

  3. What a great blog and a wonderful reminder to everyone. Everyone in this world has been ridiculed in one way or another and has had judgement passed on them.

    It’s great to be reminded that it has nothing to do with what those people are saying about you, but how you feel about you and have the courage and strength to move on.

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