Self-acceptance allows us to take control of our lives, allows us to move on from the past, gives us confidence. Self-acceptance shows others our need for respect. Self-acceptance gives us empowerment, but most of all it allows us to bring peace back into our lives, so that we get to choose the life we want.

Self-acceptance becomes the building blocks and foundations of a better life. Through self-acceptance and learning to see ourselves as us, and being happy with who we are, puts us on a more positive path. Although it’s a given that we will make mistakes, self-acceptance gives us the confidence to identify and deal with those.

Learning to emotionally focus and stay in the present having dealt with certain aspects of our past, allows us to rid ourselves of any guilt we may have. But it’s important we let go of the past, because without letting go of the past, we cannot live comfortably in the present.

Learning to concentrate on our own life and not on other people, will also help contribute to self-acceptance. We must learn to look at our own uniqueness and be proud of who we are.

29 Jul, 2010

14 thoughts on “Self-acceptance

  1. My mother used to tell me to quit focusing on the past cause it would get me no where. It will cause bad feelings that continue to hurt you if there are bad things from the past… and I would remember the bad things. Focusing on the future and our abilities is better for us. It gives us something to look forward to. It’s our dreams for our future that by accepting ourselves and our abilities it give us hope for the future. Good advice Ilana. Lisa

  2. I think I have finally accepted the fact that I have CP, but it’s the things that it causes me to do (drop stuff, break stuff, not be able to pick something up without dropping it again…) that I still have a problem with.

    How do I come to terms with that stuff?

    1. Bill by accepting CP you have to accept all that comes with having it. I do believe you are comfortable with the fact that you have it, I think others you share your life with still have a problem with you having it. A lot of your negativity comes from them.

      Once everyone begins to support you, you will accept more of what you cannot change such as dropping stuff, breaking stuff etc.

      I’m here for you.

    1. Bill I do understand. You will probably still have issues with what you deal with, but the support element will help you cope better. Support is the backbone to anyone dealing with disability however large or small.

  3. I have just this year learned to let go of the past namely 2 giant losses in my life. Started to look forward to the future. I have realized what is in the past is done. There is no going back. Sure life is not perfect but who’s life is. Try and enjoy some part of your day that is what life is all about.

    1. Randy you are right, the past is the past.. I am so pleased that you have let go of your losses and are now looking to the future. I’m here for you. Thanks for your support.

  4. I still have a problem of hanging on to some old feelings and haven’t yet come to terms with my illnesses. I just go about life as if all is well and I push myself and continue to go. I know one day I will crash, but I’m learning to live with what I have been dealt with little by little.

    1. Lisa I used to do the same but just began to let go little by little. Holding on to your problems will hurt you more and will cause DIS-EASE in your life. Time to let go.

  5. Wow thank you ilana!! Given the past year’s situations, I really needed to read this! You’re an angel!! 😇

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