The journey of self-discovery is about us discovering ourselves. It’s about us finding our purpose, discovering our beliefs and living by those. Discovering things about ourselves means us digging deep into our childhood, to reveal some of the experiences that have shaped us.

Self-discovery also helps us uncover our truths, our values, natural talents, abilities, capabilities, our passions and what inspires us. The things we discover through self-discovery will be transferred into other areas of our lives.

But it is important we understand how to use what we discover about ourselves, in a way that not only helps us but also helps others. Self-discovery should empower us to think about our lives in ways that allow for emotional, personal and spiritual growth.

Through self-discovery we will be more in control of our lives, therefore less inclined to accept another person’s dogma, or judge others. The more we understand ourselves, the more we will be more mindful about how we do things, such as how we eat, or how much exercise we take.

Self-discovery gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Discovering things about ourselves helps us think about how we can deal with and resolve our issues and that’s important if we are to be more in control of our lives.

13 Oct, 2019

8 thoughts on “Self-discovery

  1. Many parts of me wanted to learn more about myself, but then there were parts that I didn’t want to know about, since I think of myself as such a horrible person.

    Self discovery wasn’t something I was allowed to do as a child, instead my mum expected me to be such a people pleaser but the issue was that the people she wanted me to be nice to, weren’t always the nicest people.

    There were so many mixed messages coming from both of my parents, it’s no wonder I ended up being confused and that led to me making so many serious mistakes in my life.

    I want to be able to be happy in my life and be comfortable in my own skin for a change.

    1. Thanks Randy. You didn’t have the opportunity then, but your life has changed now. The fact that you’re aware none of your childhood was your fault, means you can get to change how your life goes from here.

      I think you’re very much a good guy. You have a lot to give. Don’t let your childhood interfere with your life now. Now that you have uncovered the truths about your childhood, you’re in a position to think about and learn about yourself now.

      Discover your passions, your abilities, and what inspires you now. Empower yourself to think about things in ways that allow for your emotional and spiritual growth.

  2. I have read that when one starts along a journey of self discovery we will never turn back. Adopting a more spiritual lifestyle, is a good first step.

    1. That’s right. We will never need to turn back or will want to turn back. Spirituality is at the core of the human psyche, is what we should all be aiming to achieve.

      Sadly when you bring the ego into the equation, and this is what most of work from, you will never go down the self-discovery route.

      Without discovering ourselves, we can never know ourselves, or will never know anyone else without it and how sad is that?

  3. I have discovered that I don’t know who I am anymore. The passing of my family was the passing of my identity, my culture. It’s like being a stranger to myself, there is absolutely no escape from that.

    Perhaps I’m hiding somewhere inside of me to keep from being hurt again.

  4. Thanks Tim. I get you and understand you. Before I really understood my life and my experiences, I remember as a child hoping my parents would be alive forever, being scared at the thought of losing them.

    I didn’t think what you think, it was more a spiritual concept for me. I understand your sentiment though and you’re right. We are cocooned into a world that form both part culture and part family. Take that away and you feel as though you have very little to move forward on.

    But I believe our beliefs are very much instrumental in our ability to function outside the family and cultural unit. My spiritual beliefs have never left me and have never let me down. My beliefs allow me to function in my own normal. They also help pave the way to spiritual and emotional growth, around my understanding.

    I believe in ways we are both similar Tim. Your family may not physically touch your life now, but spiritually I believe they are still very much instrumental in your life and are still around you.

    Your last paragraph rings so much truth for so many. Outwardly we cannot hide, but inwardly I believe we do hide.

    1. I appreciate your response and I totally receive it, Ilana. You gave me something to think about.

      This is why I just love this forum.

      1. I love that you love it Tim. Thanks for being a part of it and a part of my life. Through my blog, we continue to support one another. I love that.

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