When we feel the need to have self-importance we’ve given up on the spiritual life. Self-importance is usually about two things; money and power.

What drives self-importance is status, prestige, power and authority, together with an oversized ego brought about through other people’s lust for power and their sense of entitlement, which may then spill over into narcissistic tendencies. When it comes to politics, most political views are governed by self-interest, even if those responsible aren’t always consciously aware.

Self-interest if allowed to continue becomes self-importance. People with narcissistic tendencies, think they can bend the rules and abuse the system, they continue to put their opinions at the top of their own agendas. They see what they’re saying as ‘right.’ Self-interest divides the public on many issues.

What we do should not be about self-importance. We’re here on this plane to put other people’s interests first, above our own. We must all be selfless. We must take own opinions out and do what’s in the people’s best interest, not our own.

26 Jun, 2019

4 thoughts on “Self-importance

  1. This is exactly what has been bothering me. There are people out there who are the worst human beings, but seem to have the midas touch when it comes to how their life goes.

    They have everything handed to them while I have had the hardest time just surviving my own life. Yes, I understand that life isn’t fair but that doesn’t seem right to me.

    I’ve never had a lot of money or power, so that doesn’t bother me as much as watching the worst things happening to the best people and I feel powerless to stop it.

    My last girlfriend was very full of herself and expected me to worship the ground she walked on, but I got tired of doing it, when it seemed like it was never enough.

    I now refuse to bow and scrape before anybody like her again, and want to be able to live my life in peace.

    1. It’s not meant to sound like a cliche Randy, but you have control over your thoughts, how you see your past and how and who you choose to spend your life with.

      You know what you don’t want, the kind of girlfriend you don’t want. Now you just have to make it happen. It seems that not so nice people get away with everything and good people don’t. From the outset that is how it seems.

      The not so nice people are the ones who scream and shout their way through life and put their opinions on to those beautiful people who don’t, and inevitably they get ill. I have seen that happen.

      But our emotions are a tool that can either heal us or make us ill. When we struggle with those, we let illness it. We don’t always know other people’s past, how they feel, or what they have to deal with and how they will cope.

      We assume more than we know, that is very much what it looks like, you’re right. But we can’t always know.

  2. I’m absolutely eager to do for others, knowing that when I do for others I naturally do for myself. I feel good and the universe is smiling at me.

    Narcissists on the other hand, look at life as something to win, no matter who gets hurt. They subscribe only to the notion of self, emphatically. It’s a volunteer mental illness.

    1. Thanks Tim. From your responses it’s clear you do. I love that. Yes, the reality is that narcissists are mentally ill, but the nature of what a narcissist is, means they see themselves as normal and we are the ones who are mentally ill.

      The world is made up of all kinds of people, but one thing is clear. We must work together to look after ourselves and each other, instead of creating a world where we’re becoming self-righteous and self-absorbed and only think about ourselves. That will not end well.

      I turn to our governments, because they should be leading by example. They serve communities and societies. They must be humanists first, having a responsibility to others to help one another live better lives.

      It’s clear it’s not happening and needs to.

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