Self-interest is to have an excessively high regard for oneself, to be conceited. It’s not difficult for us to see those who are.

Governments must show less signs of self-interest and self-importance. Their job isn’t about them. We must be ourselves without an ego, not in a smarmy look at me kind of way, but in a way that allows us to get on with our job and get on with our lives. With the current situation as it is, it is even more important what we do is unconditional.

We have few guarantees in life and guaranteed success is not one of them. When we put self-interest above everything else, we’re telling ourselves and the universe we care about ourselves more. In terms of what we do, it is not always possible that we will be the best at a particular skill, but we can be the best at being who we are.

Self-interest can only ever be short lived, no one likes a smartarse, someone who is cocky, pretentious, smarmy, or someone who pretends to care, when in fact they only care about themselves. Through greed and material wealth, our values have changed. We must take out any hint of self-interest, to be replaced with unconditional self-worth and self-acceptance.

And whilst we can’t help the family we’re born into, and how we will be parented as a result, as adults we must work on change so that we take out any hint of self-interest. It is never in our best interest to be self-serving, to have an excessively high regard for ourselves.

1 Apr, 2020

2 thoughts on “Self-interest

  1. Right now, it’s extremely obvious how many people are only focused on themselves. The coronavirus is continuing to run rampant because so many people are refusing to follow the rules.

    Sitting in my kitchen I am observing this behavior because there is heavy traffic where there is supposed to be a lock-down. People are absolutely refusing to wear a face mask and/or wear rubber gloves along with not practicing social distancing.

    My biggest issue has always been being overly concerned about everyone else, seeing as I was brainwashed into being that way, but with the way things are now I need to learn how to be okay with taking care of my own self-interests for a change.

    1. Never a truer word Randy. Thank you for your honesty. Yes, a human failing at it’ll be at our own cost if we get this wrong and we are.

      Where you say, ‘but with the way things are now I need to learn how to be okay with taking care of my own self-interests’ – I agree.

      It’s okay to take care of other people’s interests also, as long as we don’t forget about ourselves. Too much self-interest and we’re in trouble of being conceited. No one should be conceited.

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