Self-worth and others

Although some of us may have emotional wounds inflicted upon us by others and as a result, a lack of self-worth is what we end up having to deal with, we owe it to ourselves to make sure we work on our self-worth and healing ourselves.

Emotional wounds mean bouts of self-pity and periods of self-indulgent pity over what’s been done, which retrospectively we couldn’t do anything about. If we could, we would have.

It mustn’t be an excuse for us not to change and bring back some self-worth. When pity starts to become our main focus, then we know it’s time to re-shift our focus. We may also go through experiencing self-pity, through a change in circumstances.

There are circumstances where self-pity can be a self-soothing coping mechanism that assists us in accepting and changing our circumstances. Self-pity can hamper our progress.

It can also be self-destructive if we reach rock bottom, but introspection will always help with that.

11 Nov, 2017

4 thoughts on “Self-worth and others

  1. Our self-esteem is a reflection of how we evaluate our own worth. It is a judgment of ourselves so it is important that we don’t let others impact on that.

    There will be times when we are full of self doubt and that’s okay, as long as we can stand back and identify the reasons such as a change in circumstances like you say.

    What we mustn’t do is let others’ issues hurt our self-esteem as that is for them to own and not us.

    1. Thank you. Yes, our self-esteem or self-worth is how we evaluate ourselves. As you say it is a judgment of ourselves, so we need to make sure we’re kind.

      I think you’re right, it’s easy to let others people’s issues affect us. Their issues will always have a knock on effect on our self-worth and/or self-esteem.

      Sadly, that will not only spiral into other areas of our lives, including relationships with loved ones.

  2. There are waves of self-pity and low worth, then it seems all is fine minutes later. It’s very frustrating.

    I wouldn’t go as far as blaming anyone who’s done me wrong, but those that have in the past, certainly doesn’t help this state of mind. I’ve always had that issue as far back as I can remember.

    1. It would be okay to say you blame, if that was appropriate Bonnie. If we do something because we’re avoiding doing what’s right, then it’s okay to blame.

      Or if something is not done in someone’s best interests, then those responsible must be accountable. Sadly, as I have experienced too self-pity and a lack of self-worth are usually there for a reason.

      If we’re continually let down or deal with something that is not being addressed, there is no doubt that we will have those things to deal with.

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