Being selfless means being focused on the needs of others, rather than our own needs. It is one of the most endearing qualities we will possess.

It is important we are selfless. It is important we put others first. That doesn’t mean we neglect ourselves; we can still do both. People who are selfless are giving. It is within all of our grasps. It is the spiritual way.

Selfless people are ready to put others first and will if they have to, express concern for others. Selflessness helps us to expand our thinking and how we perceive our world. We put people first because that’s right, because we’re generous and because we’re kind.

People who are selfless think about how their actions will affect others. It means they want to judge less. Selflessness is an important key to relationships, friendships and marriage. It helps keep relationships real, keeps individuals grounded and humbled.

To be selfless, listen more and practice being kind. Choose to perform random acts of kindness, give without expecting back, be patient, and treat others how you would like to be treated.

Selflessness is essential if we are to find contentment and fulfillment, but it can be overlooked, because others take advantage of those of us who are.

13 Nov, 2019

4 thoughts on “Selflessness

  1. As a child, I was forced to be selfless to the extent that if I didn’t, I was considered selfish, so it’s no wonder I have had such a hard time knowing the difference.

    It has caused me so much suffering in my life, with people taking advantage of this fact, but felt helpless to prevent them from doing it, since my parents would punish me for doing anything they considered to be selfish.

    It boggles my mind that any parent would do this to their children, but it shouldn’t surprise me, seeing as I know so many that have done it.

    I just need to try to remember the difference between being ‘selfless’ and ‘selfish.’

    1. Thanks Randy. I think you already know you’re the former and not the latter Randy. I think you also know those who are selfish.

      It’s always better to be selfless than selfish. Being selfish serves to alienate family and friends and in society.

      It’s not difficult to understand the difference, the difficult part is us putting it into practice, when we’ve been groomed to do the opposite.

      I know it can be done, it’s a conscious change.

  2. Being selfless means putting others’ needs and wishes above your own, instead of always acting in your own interest.

    There will always be someone out their who has a greater need than yours, and we have a responsibility towards that person’s needs, not ourselves.

    I have found that you get much more by giving.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we know what selflessness means, we’re just not doing it, but I agree we do get more out of giving that we do taking.

      Taking without giving is selfish, particularly if it’s something you continually do. I do think personality has a lot to do with whether we will be selfless or not.

      Upbringing is important, but even without our upbringing, we can still learn to be selfless. Instinctively and intuitively it can be done.

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