Snobbish behaviour

The world is made up of different people. Some are tall, some are small. Some are tolerant, some have no tolerance at all. Some are kind, some are unkind. Some are humble, others may be snobbish, where they feel they’re a cut above the rest.

They think their outlook, their job, or their clothes are simply better than ours. The truth is their outlook, their clothes and their jobs are no better than ours, they’re just different. Just because someone else’s views are different to ours, doesn’t justify or give them the right to look down on us.

The irony is that people looking down on us, already feel inferior and behaving in a snobbish way is a facade on how they really feel. There seems to be a correlation in monetary terms.

Those who go on to make money usually start out with very little and come from humble backgrounds. Not all people who become snobbish, start out rich. Money seems to change us. There is something about money and changing personalities.

Without money, we’re more grounded and humble and we’re more in tune with our roots. It is important we don’t lose sight of our roots, because that’s the part of our lives that helps us to stay grounded, which means we’re going to be less motivated by money.

23 Mar, 2016

6 thoughts on “Snobbish behaviour

  1. I’ve had professional and personal relationships with snobbish people most of my adult life. They have an underlying obsessiveness with self and a strong desire to satisfy their materialistic needs, while always preoccupied with feeling superior to other people.

    But what goes up must come down, and nothing I have ever seen compares to the sight of that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, we probably all know of the type of person you describe in your response Tim.

      I also find it sad that money and attitude come before relationships. Part of the earthly trappings, we know so much about.

      1. I agree Ilana, money and attitude are too often connected. Some people have a lot of dollars, but absolutely no sense.

        1. Thanks Tim. It really is a shame it’s not something they see, that others who aren’t in that position may see clearly.

          It seems to be how the world functions. Sadly!

  2. Wow what a great blog Ilana! Just the other day my dad and I were talking about society and money and how a lot of people in this world who have it, seem above the rest of us.

    We live in a money worshiping world, which is so sad. Even some parents are judged for not being ‘good enough’ to their kids because they’re broke. It’s sad really.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes I agree. It’s not right that we’re having to talk or even think about it in this way.

      I personally don’t think we don’t consciously connect our behaviour to how we act and if we did, we’d change it. I too find it sad.

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