Society and Disability

For those who live with a disability, it is incredibly frustrating to continually be judged when others fail to understand what we may deal with. It’s even more frustrating when our disability is mild and we look normal, and we’re on the other side of those who fail to appreciate, we are mentally and emotionally different.

Things have changed since I was a little girl, but society still doesn’t go far enough to make disability inclusive. There are case studies to suggest people with disabilities are still being mistreated. People with disabilities can be verbally mistreated and abused by others because they deal with a mental, emotional or physical disability.

You have those who deal with a disability and who are expected to ‘just get on with things.’ Then there are those with a disability who are neglected because parents think it’s something they will grow out of, and by neglecting or ignoring them, they don’t have to address their child’s difficulties.

We may all have insecurities and issues to deal with, we may not be happy with the way things turn out for us, but people with disabilities are like everyone else, they just present differently and have needs that able-bodied people don’t have. It’s wrong to treat people with disabilities badly.

Not all disabilities are visible, so we may often get a bad press. But society as a whole needs to think differently about disability, so people who deal with a disability are accepted and inclusive, like everyone else.

People with disabilities need to continue to be respected and valued also, so they feel they fit into society, without being looked at and treated differently. Patience and tolerance is what is needed.


3 Sep, 2021

2 thoughts on “Society and Disability

  1. People with disabilities are just the same as those who are able bodied and deserve to be treated with as much kindness and respect as any one else, but society still views disabled individuals as though they are inferior.

    Even the word ‘disabled’ implies, they have some lack or absence of ability, and are somehow inferior to those who don’t. To most people this is completely misguided and ignorant, but this seems to still be commonplace in today’s society.

    As you say, while strides have been made, hopefully society will view disabled individuals in the same way as non-disabled people. On a spiritual level, they are the same, they just present differently.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your second paragraph explains the issues disabled people have and you’re absolutely spot on. The word ‘disability’ does imply we are somehow lesser individuals and as such we are treated differently.

      Just trying to function in our ‘normal’ with a disability can spiral people into treating us differently. From experience, it usually means they’re not coping with themselves, which means they cope with us even less.

      Anyone who deals with a disability just wants to be treated ‘normally’ and with tolerance and patience. If empathy brings understanding then that’s okay too, as long as empathy doesn’t turn into us being treat like children.

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