Solving problems

Problem solving is complex. It’s a mental process that we continually put ourselves through, so that we get to sort our problems out. It sounds easy, but in reality it’s far from easy. It also depends on the problem or issue, we’re trying to solve.

Why do we fail?

  • Sometimes we’re just not fully committed to the problem; we tend to give up at the first hurdle, when we find the problem too difficult to deal with or solve;
  • We use the same solutions to problem solve, instead of looking for a new solution to fix a new problem. Unfortunately, when we use ‘one size fits all’ to solve our problems, we’re less likely to find the right solutions;
  • We’re usually the obstacle, because through our unconscious thinking, we’ve already decided we’re going to fail before we’ve even tried.

But unless we come to understand the process of how to problem solve around what we’re dealing with, we may never really get the results we want. Learn to use your intuition to problem solve. Intuition is usually based on feelings and knowledge that comes from our unconscious thoughts.

Intuition allows us to problem solve through solutions that come out of the blue and which are then applied through common sense.

5 Feb, 2013

4 thoughts on “Solving problems

  1. When a problem arises I usually sit on it for a few days until I decide what to do. I can’t let things go, it would bother me to no end. Good post. xxx

    1. Thanks Lisa. I usually work the other way around. If I have a problem I have to resolve it so that the problem doesn’t begin to stress me.

      Obviously we all deal with our problems differently, I am pleased that what you do works for you.

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