Solving problems differently

If someone came to you with a problem, you would more than likely find a solution must faster, than if you were facing the same problem yourself. Is that because other people’s problems seem clearer? I’m not convinced myself, but we do tend to approach and see other people’s problems as a challenge that must apply a different thinking from us.

Even if we’re facing the same problem as the one we were trying to solve for someone else, we know we would have to deal with it on a conscious level, but would also have to come out of our comfort zone to do it and we don’t tend to do those for ourselves. Also, when you’re asked by someone to help them solve a problem, you do so without getting emotionally involved in the outcome.

That’s because you’re working on an unconscious level without conscious reasoning, which allows you to solve problems that don’t include any drama or emotional input. Our unconscious thoughts allow us to draw wisdom from our own life experiences, to help find solutions to other people’s potential problems, but we cannot do the same for ourselves, in the same way.

Unfortunately, where we see other people’s problems as a challenge, we fail to see our own problems in the same way. Whether we’re rich or poor, young or old, educated or non-educated, we all have problems that need to be resolved. The key is often not what the problem is, but the problem itself and whether we’re up to the task of tackling, solving, or avoid trying to solve our problems.

Even if we can’t sort our problems out in the same way we sort other people’s problems out, it stands to reason that we’re obviously capable of dealing with both even if it takes a different thought process from us.

The buck stops with us and our choices and how we choose to react, even if we have to sort our problems out differently.

23 Sep, 2014

4 thoughts on “Solving problems differently

  1. I believe we do see other people’s problems differently. I agree with you. We aren’t emotionally involved with their problems as we are in our own.

  2. You’ve placed emphasis on individual uniqueness and the diverse set of challenges each person can face. And while significant differences exist between individuals, we certainly can draw from our own personal experiences to help solve other people’s problems.

    I seem to solve the problems of others very well, but I fall a little short with my own; I’m working on that.

    1. Thanks Tim!! We can absolutely. Much easier from an objective outside looking in scenario, based on a different rationale than the one we use to solve our own problems.

      I believe that dealing with our own issues is a full time process that if honed correctly will bring about more peace and will make us more grounded individuals in the longer term, so that we have a better understanding of issues, how to deal with those issues… but primarily how to deal with ourselves.

      Like you, it’s something I continue to work on. I don’t think we ever stop.

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