Spiritual Awakening

We know that a spiritual awakening is a process where we come back to our original self and free ourselves from the ego. It was first popularised by Carl Jung, a famed psychiatrist.

Having a spiritual awakening allows us to become self-aware so we are able to focus and pay attention to ourselves; that’s not the same as paying attention to ourselves through the ego. Although spiritual signs are all around us, it is important to listen to the universe and what it has to say.

To become more spiritual, it is important to let go of unhealthy attachments, which can be the cause of initial suffering. When we are more spiritually aware, it is natural for our daily routine to change.

The once important material possessions become less important, and those are replaced by new things, like wanting to spend more time in nature, changing your lifestyle so you clear the mental clutter. Becoming more intuitive is a sign of spiritual ascension. As a result, you start listening to your inner voice, a voice which until you learn to access it, is usually buried deep beneath the ego.

Empathy and compassion have long been associated with spirituality. A spiritual awakening is something we can all acquire, it is about living a more ‘spiritual life,’ seeing the good in others, and being more accepting towards what others want to do. It also means you stop passing judgment on other people’s lives.

Being spiritual means you become more aware as you become more tuned into the present moment. Your auditory perceptions increase, your focus increases, so does your ability to focus on hearing lower frequencies that you couldn’t hear before.

A spiritual awakening means you fit into your life, that you are happy with the choices you make and the actions you take. Spirituality, if continued to practice will not only enhance your life but will also enhance the life of others.

8 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening

  1. A ‘spiritual awakening’ is realised throughout your mind, heart body and soul. If more of us had a ‘spiritual awakening’ the world would look and feel different and we would all struggle less.

    We would also have more of a connection with each other.

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