Spirituality & religion

There are valid distinctions between spirituality and religion, but there are also unnecessary distinctions, which tend to divide.

Unfortunately, given the extremes associated with religion, religion is often seen as negative, whereas spirituality is exalted with all that is positive. That said, Buddhism and Taoism, which are often seen as positive, but there are features of other forms of religion such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, which are often seen as negative.

Religion is a longstanding institution that exerts control through its traditions and rituals, instils morality and has the capacity to encourage ego through its ideologies and traditions.  Spirituality has nothing to do with religion.

Spirituality is innate. We are born with an intuitive knowing of ourselves of other people, of nature and how the world works. As adults not all of us will develop or want to embrace a spiritual understanding. Babies and children automatically have that innate understanding without having to be told or taught, but as they grow they lose it as they begin to embrace earthly trappings.

Spirituality encompasses all facets of a person’s life, but whereas spirituality is a chosen lifestyle, religion is often forced. Spirituality comes from deep within us. It cannot be sought through outside influences. It’s a lifestyle choice, which embraces compassion, empathy, conciliatory intimations, mutual acceptance and respect, which relate to the world and the people around us.

Spirituality cannot be found in a traditional church, but its teachings are practiced in a community, but is not considered religious or a religion.

6 Jan, 2016

4 thoughts on “Spirituality & religion

  1. Everyone has a right to religious freedom and I fully support what people believe. But I have a very positive view of the Creator and human existence through spirituality. A human spokesperson for God or a wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to be God is something I can do without.

    Spirituality is from the lining of the Universe, it’s a natural power of love. It is well beyond religious politics, bigger than prophets and void of hypocrisy.

    1. Thanks Tim. It seems there is little tolerance around religion, but mostly because religion seems to be taken to extremes. There is nothing wrong with religion in itself, it’s our intolerant understanding or acceptance of other religions that seems to be the problem.

      I’m not sure what my beliefs are in terms of our Creator, I’ve never taken a view on that but I have always believed in spirituality and the Universal and its laws and believe that is fundamentally how we should at least learn to live our lives.

      As you say spirituality incorporates a ‘natural power of love’ and that’s where we need to come back to. The world would be a better and happier place to live in if we did.

  2. At the end off the day religions are man made and that is an ultimate failing.

    There will always be problems around religion whilst there is little to no tolerance of people’s religious beliefs and unless society changes those perceptions, when it comes to religion nothing will change.

    Spirituality is above all that.

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