Spiteful behaviour

We will always carry emotional hurt through any negative experiences. It’s how our emotions work.

Over time, unconsciously the emotional hurt we feel, will start to develop into bitterness, resentment and spiteful behaviour, but it is how we react to those hurts that define our character and our ability to live our life, without us inflicting our hurt on other people.

How emotional hurt works

Sadly, bitterness creates anger and is associated with spitefulness, but unless we make ourselves aware of the hurt from the primary source that hurt will continue to build into bitterness. When we’re hurt, bitterness will always reside and be a part of us.

When we come to ignore any hurtful experiences, we unconsciously bind others to our pain, particularly because the pain we don’t consciously know about, has nowhere else to go. Not dealing with our hurt, will cause us to lash out in anger through spite, in a way that will become hurtful to others and which is incorporated into our every-day speak.

It could be something someone says that we take offence to that initiates a hurtful response from us, which then becomes spiteful. Spiteful behaviour is motivated by being hurt. When someone says something with malicious intent to hurt, to get their point across, they’re being spiteful.

That person won’t think about the other person’s reasoning behind why they say what they say, instead they will simply lash out. Unless we continue to deal with negative or bitter experiences, we will always say and do things out of spite.

Sadly, there’s no getting away from that. Just best not being on the receiving end.

31 Jul, 2017

6 thoughts on “Spiteful behaviour

  1. It’s not good being on the receiving end of such behaviour, or the one handing it out; neither is in a good place.

    1. Thank you. Yes, on all three counts you’re right and yet that is what we continue to do. It’s down to all of us to sort our issues out, deal with them and then move on.

      The more we hold on to bitter experiences, the more we will impart spiteful behaviour on others. There’s no getting away from that. It’s how it works.

  2. I’ve decided not to dummy down and consider such behavior as relevant, no matter how hurtful; I’ll show you that with my posture.

    1. It’s a hard one Tim. Perhaps the fact that we’re on the receiving end of spiteful behaviour makes it relevant in that moment.

      Unless someone is aware of how to read our body language, they won’t always know how we feel unless we tell them, that if they’ve been spiteful for long enough, they’re not consciously aware.

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