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In a world where we’re encouraged to be anything but humble, choose to be humble. Being humble in a world that is fast changing, makes you totally unique.

Feel a sense of humility and judge no one. In a world where we’re expected to prove ourselves, the only test is to yourself. When we place two feet firmly on the ground, we will become grounded in that moment. Being humble keeps us grounded. When we’re humble, and we have two feet firmly on the ground we have a sense of ‘just knowing.’

We’re grounded enough when we don’t need to shout about our accomplishments, because knowing where we stand as a human being is more important. The universe isn’t interested and doesn’t expect us to measure how great we are, versus how great someone else is. That’s not why we’re here; but understanding why we’re here sets the tone for life.

And with humility, keeping both feet firmly on the ground, gives us peace. Being humble also gives us a different perspective on life and how we should be living our lives. When we don’t make life about us, we take the stress out of daily life. Knowing our limitations gives us more self-control.

Being humble means we’re happy to place less importance on ourselves, and that helps with higher self-control, to know that not everything has to be about us. Knowing our limits, helps us stay humble.

We must let our humility act as our guide, let our accomplishments give back not to ourselves, but for others who desperately need the help more than we do. It’s the spiritual way.

24 Aug, 2018

6 thoughts on “Stay humble

  1. My biggest issue over the years has been equating humility with humiliation when there is a big difference.

    This is very confusing for me since I was forced to be what I consider to be humble, as in acting like my accomplishments didn’t mean anything.

    My parents expected us to make them look good, like the perfect parents, when they made it seem like they wouldn’t have been impressed with us, whatever we achieved.

    It has left me with a desperate desire to help people, while at the same time despising every second of it, which defeats the purpose.

    The most I really want at this point is to know that I have done something to make the world a better place and that I won’t be forgotten once I’m gone.

    1. Thanks Randy. What you describe is more humiliation. When a parent reduces a child to submission or lowliness that is humiliation. Being humble means we’re not arrogant, or modest or assuming.

      The world would work so much better if more of us were humble. Sadly we tend to ignore our roots, our humble beginnings.

      But as you say Randy, if how you were parented has brought about a different thinking from you then that has to be a good thing.

  2. I’m humble but with a sharp tongue for anyone who interprets that as weakness.

    Lets just say I’m sensitive and not asleep at the wheel.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, being humble is an asset. Being humble grounds us and makes us emotionally strong not weak.

      It’s other people’s interpretation on how they see us that makes them weak. On the contrary being humble defines us in ways, others can only dream about and wish they were.

      But the nature of how people are, means there will always be those who have something to say, and that keeps us on red alert and on our toes.

  3. I agree. We don’t have to shout about our achievements. I don’t believe I’m any better than anyone else. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, faults and merits.

    Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same view.

    1. Thanks. When you say, ‘unfortunately not everyone shares the same view.’ Sadly, that’s right.

      I often bring the universe into this because the spiritual laws of the universe is what we’re supposed to work to, in this life.
      We’re failing to learn our lessons. We’re not supposed to shout about our achievements.

      Instead we must be humble, stay grounded and work within the universal constraints so that we become better people. I think we all know what being better people means.

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