Staying emotionally well

How many of us find it hard to balance our emotions so that we keep at the top of our game emotionally and physically? Although we may try to stay emotionally well, some of the issues we deal with aren’t always easy to get past.

My suggestions below may be helpful:

  • Begin to make a habit of making a mental note of your feelings. Try to work out why you’ve got the feelings you have. If you can’t work it out, think about using affirmations to help you;
  • Always focus on the positive. It’s a good way to stay emotionally focused. Focusing on the positive allows us to attract positivity in;
  • Physical health is important, take care of it. All illnesses are created by negativity. Try to exercise, eat healthier foods and get the right amount of sleep;
  • Stay connected personally with friends who elevate you, make you feel good about yourself. Take up a hobby or find something that interests you. Social networking also helps you stay in touch with people you know, but don’t always get to see.
  • Don’t dwell on the things you have no control over. Keep past experiences firmly in the past. The focus must be what you want to attract in your life, so keeping those thoughts clear in the present is important.
  • Find inner calm. This is important, because without inner calm, nothing else will work effectively.

When we achieve good emotional health, we are more likely to handle stress, family and friends better. We are also more likely to work through challenges with a clear head.

Making changes isn’t easy, but if we all managed to change just one thing, that change would go some way to helping us stay emotionally well.

19 Jan, 2011

8 thoughts on “Staying emotionally well

  1. Yes, thanks for sharing your positive message. It helps a lot when you feel emotionally well. I hope I can continue to do this in the future!

  2. You bring up a lot of interesting points. I feel as if a lot of them are related to one another. In some ways working on one point helps with working on or taking a step towards working and dealing with another.

    1. You are absolutely right LeAnna, that is exactly how it works. There are different aspects of what we deal with emotionally, but all that we deal with is completely linked with each other. Thanks for posting and for your support.

  3. Great points! I do have problems with some of the things you mention like leaving the past.I use to be horrible about this but I’ve gotten a lot better and I check myself before I say anything to people especially my mom cause she is the one that always points out to me how I do this.

    A hobby is great too. I just need to make myself slow down and do it. I have several outside interests and have all the equipment to do them I just don’t slow down enough… and just chilling is a great way to minimize stress and emotionally unwind.

    We need to focus on positive thoughts and not sit and dwell on the negative things. We just have to make ourselves do these things to keep sane.

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