Cerebral Palsy like other conditions, can be the catalyst for so many other problems brought about by stress, relating to negative feelings associated with self-worth and what we deal with. It doesn’t have to be cerebral palsy that’s just my story. It could be Bipolar or MS. Any condition that emotionally changes the way we feel about what we deal with and how we deal with it.

Stress comes from having to deal with a condition with little or no support, or just having to deal with it. Physically our bodies change, but potentially it could be because we look different that we emotionally don’t fit the mold, as society dictates we should. Society looks for perfection.

We see beautiful models, good looking people in the media, in beauty magazines, in our less than perfect world. We take what we see and then compare what we see, with what we have and see only negative perceptions of ourselves. We see distorted angles on our less than perfect bodies as we begin to find fault and that’s when stress creeps in.

Society must accept people, disabilities and highlight disabilities without a stigma, so that we embrace those qualities. Only then will we start to see a change in society. Spiritual growth is too important to ignore, but it’s simply never addressed.

It’s not okay to see someone struggle emotionally and physically without asking whether they need help and it’s okay to be different. It is time to accept the fact that we are all different. We may all look different on the outside, but on the inside we’re all the same.

1 Jun, 2010

8 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Stress, stress, stress. In addition to CP I also have adult ADD and Bipolar. Always had very wild and fast mood swings, I just thought it was part of CP. Now I know and I’m on meds to regulate it. As for support…I don’t really get much, if any. So I have to seek out others for help. I’m also ready to give up on society for those reasons you mentioned Ilana.

    1. Bill, I know how you feel. I didn’t know about all the other things you deal with, we have only ever talked about CP because that is something we both deal with. It doesn’t matter where your support comes from as long as you have it. You and I have always supported one another and will continue to do so. Just don’t give up on you. You are important to me. I am here for you.

  2. Support is so important, like you said. When I was younger I thought I was fat and ugly. Then one day a lady came into my store and stared at me. She made me so uncomfortable, I looked her straight in the eye and gave her an inquisitive glance. She looked at me and said “Honey you lose 30 pounds and give me a call” and handed me her card. She was a member of a modeling agency, but I found that comment so back handed that I got angry and tore the card up never to remember it again. But she did also tell me I had beautiful skin, eyes, lips etc. and she could have helped me if I only had listened to her. I grew to love myself, my family always said I was pretty so I ran with it. All the while I was chubby but happy. Now I have Bipolar and live with that too but you know what, I love myself just the way that I am. Even though now I am losing weight for the health of it, I am loving myself unconditionally no matter what people think or say.

    1. I think I would have taken this lady’s advice in exactly the same way you did. What she should have said, is I love you the way you are, give me a call, here’s my card. She lost my vote by telling you, you needed to lose 30 pounds. She should have used you as a model just how she found you. I am so pleased Maria that you think the way you do. Loving yourself unconditionally is the way to go.

  3. I liked what you said about reaching out to people who are hurting…

    From time to time, when I am out in public, I will see someone who is crying, or someone who looks distressed. I usually go up to them and ask if everything is ok … I get all kinds of responses. Then I will ask if there is any way I can help.

    Most of the time they say “no”, but I always see light come into their eyes for a moment. They suddenly realize that they are cared for, even if it is such a small thing.

    1. Terry, that is such a caring thing to do. It speaks volumes about you. If more people were to think like you the world would be a better place.

  4. Stress is bad news. It can so negatively affect our lives physically and emotionally. I’m learning ways to deal with it, but its hard to do at times. I used to use my smoking to deal with stress, but I’m quitting and there are other ways to deal with it. I have a few medical problems and stress affects everyone of them. It makes them worse. I really get no support from the one person that is supposed to care about me (my husband) that stresses me out too. What is he going to do if I ever get to where I cant do anything? He will have to deal with it and I don’t know if he could. I used to be shunned when I was young. No one would really be friends with me cause I had type 1 diabetes, I learned to deal with it some how. I rebelled big time and turned into a wild child until I got married the first time and had my own child. Now my child is grown up and I have CFS and Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and it stresses me out that I have no energy half the time but I push myself to please others and do for others when I get nothing in return.

    1. Lisa you are absolutely right about stress affecting us both emotionally and physically. A lot of the stress we carry often stems from others and not actually from ourselves. You talk about your husband not supporting you, if you were to have that support from him, you would feel so much better emotionally so that physically you would cope with what you deal with. If I have a problem that is affecting me I always speak out, not to I feel will only hurt me more.

      We cannot change others they have to want to do that, but we can change the way we either perceive others so that they don’t bother us. I’m so pleased I have had the opportunity to know you, you will always have my support to work through what you do, as I know I have yours. Be good to yourself. There is no harm in helping others, we all strive on some level to do that, but make sure it works for you. I know where you’re coming from, I used to please all the time, until I got wise.

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