Stress & truth

There is often a correlation between stress and the truth that when we’re at our most stressed we blurt the truth out. Perhaps that’s exactly what’s needed, we’ve just never had the courage to say it before.

Perhaps also somewhere in our subconscious, we’ve already made the correlation that stress and truth are inextricably linked, it’s just that we’re guarded on how we feel. It’s not that our thoughts aren’t there, but with other things on our mind, what we really think about something is usually on the back burner, buried somewhere in our subconscious.

It’s also not very often that we’re skilled at recognising the truth on how we really feel, but being truthful always helps alleviate stress. We’re not talking about telling a white or black lie to cover up, but instead telling those concerned the truth about how they make us feel, the things they do that cause us stress, the things that if we’re honest will have the capacity to dissipate our stress.

It’s easy to go through phases where we’re feeling angry, anxious, even irritable. If we’re open and honest, we’ll admit to others when that happens. It’s important to reflect on why our emotions are causing us to feel angry, anxious and irritable.

When we come to look deep within us, the answers are usually there. Often, we will dodge the issues by telling ourselves we’re not the problem and sometimes we’re not. Often others are to blame and the cycle continues.

27 Aug, 2016

4 thoughts on “Stress & truth

  1. Often times we are the problem. Man killing man, culture clashing with culture; it’s probably inherent in our very nature, which makes stress continue unabated.

    As for the truth, it will only rescue me from myself, all alone. It will not change the conditions that routinely cause stress.

    1. Having to conform is our biggest stress. I believe it’s up to us to find ways to either challenge the conditions, or conform and be okay with it.

      I think the biggest stress factor is knowing we have to conform and not knowing how to accept that which we know we have to conform to. We must primarily work together, to communicate and to be more accepting of people and their own beliefs.

      We must come to accept the truth because that will alleviate any stress that we have. The majority of us spend a lifetime in denial, fail to change anything and run away from our truth.

      1. Thanks Ilana. It seems that people live to dissect things, even the truth. Which is why we devote so much time and energy into trying to remain sane.

        But sometimes I have a strong feeling that some entity cares about what we go through.

        1. Your first paragraph resonates with me Tim. Yes, I believe you’re right about.

          We don’t have to convince others what we believe or know to be true, but that doesn’t make what we go through any easier, when it happens. People will always have their opinions of us.

          I also believe the Universe knows exactly what we go through and takes note of what we go through. We must come to understand how the Universe works and cares about us in those difficult situations.

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