Success and Resentment

We may either use our experiences to change things for the better, or we may use them to hone-in on a life less than, a life where we continue to harbour resentment and blame. Based on ‘universal understanding’ we have freewill to change.

Each of us may reach bigger heights and bring success into our lives. Successful people don’t become successful overnight. They become successful because they have focused on their lessons, determined to change their lives.

They have known hardships, they understand their experiences, and want a different life for themselves. They work it out. Where there is blame, they see the blame clearly and will deviate so blame isn’t their primary focus.

Listening to Corey Wayne of’s Podcast, he talks about ‘success and haters’ and why people hate others who are successful. He is clear that each of us may have success, but we need to deal with our issues. That we can all work on having success.

He talks about resentment, which is very much part of where we are with our own experiences and has nothing to do with how we feel about other people’s success. Instead, we may project what we feel inwards, outwards at those who have met with success.

Away from Corey’s teaching though, the universe is clear that unless we are happy for others to have their own success, we may never meet with success ourselves.


9 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Success and Resentment

  1. People have always been and will always be jealous of another person’s success, instead of being happy for that person. When someone works hard for what they achieve, it is wrong for others to inflict what they feel on that person.

    It is usually a reflection of how they feel about themselves, not that they would ever admit to that. And I agree with your interpretation of the universal law that suggests that feelings and behaviour of resentment and jealousy will rebound on those handing it out.

    1. Whilst true it is no excuse, particularly because most of us have free will to change our lives.

      I bring Covid-19 times up, but if the pandemic has shown us one thing, it is that we need to change the way we handle and perceive ourselves and our lives.

      As long as though who meet with success don’t brag about their achievements, there is no need for others to feel resentment, or feel jealous.

      Again I go back to freewill and although I appreciate some of us may have freewill more than others, the universal will always enforce its will on us, if we get this wrong.

      Where success and resentment go together we can change that.

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