Suffering is something we either do with diligence, or do it without. It is based on mental and/or physical pain and can be mild, or intolerable. The intensity of our suffering, will also depend on the duration and frequency of its occurrence. No matter your suffering, it is important you let someone know how you feel.

Suffering happens. Burying how we feel in the hope that what we’re suffering with, will go away but it doesn’t help. It goes away when we deal with the issue. Don’t let what you’re suffering with, or what you’re feeling go underground.

Many people in the world today suffer in silence through mental illness. We’re living secret lives around anxiety, depression, and social phobias, and other debilitating psychiatric conditions. For those of us who struggle with talking about how we feel are not living our lives on our own terms.

Suffering in silence, reinforces your symptoms, a resistance and creates persistence. Suffering without finding a voice, highlights your isolation and creates stigma. It stops you from healing or clearing negative thoughts. It delays treatment and will prolong suffering.

Finding a voice is the only way to work through the stigma and the only way you will heal. It is important you talk about how you feel.

20 Feb, 2020

4 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. I am a little sensitive about people seeing my vulnerabilities, that’s why I prefer to suffer in silence most of the time.

    I guess my pride is my most outstanding feature, but that’s not always a good thing.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I think the most beautiful qualities are our vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities show the human side, which we invariably don’t get to see.

      If more of us showed our more vulnerable side, how much better we would all be. The problem you have is that people play on other people’s vulnerabilities.

      Therefore, it’s not our vulnerabilities that are the problem, it’s people.

      1. I agree, thank you Ilana. I know I’m unwilling to show my flimsy feelings at times, perhaps afraid I’ll be misunderstood. Some may interpret my suffering as weakness.

        Unfortunately, I think of it that way sometimes.

        1. Thanks Tim. I think sometimes it’s okay to be misunderstood.

          As long as you know the truth and live by your own truths, it doesn’t matter about anyone else, or what they think.

          We worry too much about others and what they think. As I have learned to my cost over the years, that simply doesn’t work.

          We suffer less when we think about ourselves and shut other people’s thoughts out, where it’s necessary.

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