Supplements and reflux

Given the fact that some of us have Cerebral Palsy too, it may be that we have digestion and reflux to deal with too.

I know that digestion and reflux are made worse by the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy. Taking conventional medicine for reflux can help, but in the longer term I believe it can contribute to more problems.

Stomach acid helps to break down food into smaller more manageable pieces. It also helps kill bacteria, which is contained in either the saliva or food that we swallow. Without it our food will not digest properly. Conventional treatments do help alleviate problems with digestion and reflux, but they deplete stomach acid too, to get rid of the problem.

As a preventative measure they work very well, but it’s important to take away the stress that is causing us to be ill in the first place. I don’t believe we can ever take the stress away completely, but if we can change the way we handle our stress that should go some way to helping us stay well.

In my own case, I have also made the relevant adjustments to my diet so I know the problems aren’t coming from there. My main concern is stress being brought in by family. We need to continue to work on what we allow in and that will always make us stronger.

8 Apr, 2011

4 thoughts on “Supplements and reflux

  1. As you know stress can cause stomach upset as I know only too well. Try to calm your stress if you can, you will feel much better.

    Knowing what causes your stress helps, so you can hopefully deal with it in a different way, so you’ll manage. I know easier said than done.

    A lot of the times with me it is mind over matter, unless my stress overtakes my mind. If that happens I know I am in trouble. It’s hard not letting stress get to that point.

    1. Thanks Randy. I feel much better today. You are right dealing with stress isn’t easy and given the fact that I have CP, means that the supplements I take have less chance of working because of all my added problems.

      I won’t give up on dealing with stress and the effects of stress though, that way the supplements I take should work!

  2. Stress does cause us multiple problems especially with the stomach. I believe that if you can get control of the problems you will feel much better.

    Conventional medicine can cause more problems than it’s worth. It can also cause polyps in the oesophagus. A doctor told me that. It’s rare, but I do take Tums if I need them. Don’t take any of the proscription or OTC medications.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Yes you’re right. I feel so much better today. I only take alternative supplements. They have less side effects for me to have to cope with.

      Thanks for your support Lisa.

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