Symptoms of digestion

Digestion and problems with digestion is something I was always going to have to deal with, because I have Cerebral Palsy and also because my father has always had problems with digestion. I believe it runs in families. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I believe there is a link there too.

For many years I didn’t equate the problems fully and by the time I realised what my problems were, many years had passed. Questions that will help you work out whether you have these problems are outlined below:

  • When you eat, do you fail to chew your food adequately?
  • The issues come as soon as you’ve finished eating?
  • Do you experience a burning sensation or use indigestion tablets regularly?
  • Does your stomach feel full when you’ve had next to nothing to eat?
  • Do you have problems with diarrhoea?
  • Is your stomach sometimes bloated?
  • Do you have stomach pains periodically?
  • Do you feel nauseous?

If some of these questions you answer are yes, you are beginning to show signs of having problems with digestion.

Not being able to digest food well, not only affects your digestive health, but also determines how much energy you have, affects your immune system and also interferes with emotional health too. I didn’t know that having problems with digestion interferes with detoxification and hormonal balance.

Unfortunately, eating the wrong foods, a lack of the body getting the right nutrients, stress levels, taking drugs and using antibiotics all contribute to problems with digestion.


4 Oct, 2010

4 thoughts on “Symptoms of digestion

  1. I used to eat too fast and it would result in overeating and a whole host of other symptoms, but now I take my time and chew it all very well and my stomach problems have for the most part stopped.

    1. I think that what you say Brian is absolutely true. Even if we aren’t linked to problems with digestion, we sometimes do bring the problems on ourselves, by the way we chew our food, or in some cases don’t!

      I am pleased some of your digestion problems are sorted now.

  2. I’m prone to digestive problems due to diabetes. I can’t remember the name of the condition, but it’s where the peristalsis slows down. I used to have a lot of indigestion and was on medication for it daily, but quit taking it and I really haven’t had a lot of problems since. Only if I’m under a lot of stress will I have symptoms.

    1. Lisa isn’t it incredible how the human body works? We start off with one problem which has a knock on effect on other problems we then have to deal with. Stress being the common factor of most of our problems. Hope yours isn’t too bad for now.

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