Symptoms of stress

I thought I would continue with my thoughts about how the symptoms of stress can affect us in our daily lives. Most of us will probably recognise some of the symptoms mentioned below.

Signs that we have become withdrawn, drooped shoulders, frowning, crying or biting our nails. Being late for appointments, sickness, being absent from work. Not wanting to achieve or talking too much, swearing is another sign we may be stressed. Depression is also a sign of stress. When we find it difficult to concentrate, to listen to information that may be important, or simply listening to others.

Smoking is not uncommon, but increasing the amount of cigarettes we smoke, drinking alcohol and using drugs can be another sign of stress. Not being able to concentrate, feeling isolated, trapped or alone. How many of us feel fear, or panic and worry more on smaller matters that we would normally be okay dealing with. If us being able to relax was never a problem and then it becomes a problem, then we’re dealing with stress.

Physically when we are stressed, the body starts to take its toll. We feel aches and pains more when we’re stressed, or withdrawing from wanting or needing an intimate physical relationship. We may also feel tired more, or find that we’re not able to sleep, or not having an appetite for food, or snacking too much between meals.

These are just part of some of the symptoms that can be associated with stress. These symptoms could be problems stemming from other things, not necessarily a stress problem, just to complicate matters. If the symptoms persist or you’re worried, it’s important to talk to someone you can trust or go and see your doctor.

3 Jun, 2010

4 thoughts on “Symptoms of stress

  1. Good Morning, I will have you know that this was one of my first few stops on the information highway and am I glad I did. This is a topic that effects me daily. I recognized my behaviors in this blog and every time I have some new information it helps me cope and alter my behavior. I went to an intake for outpatient care at the local psychiatric institute yesterday. The first thing that is done is take a history and I had put all of those events of my life to the back of my mind. I left there stressed and very agitated, but I don’t have to tackle all of the traumas of the past at once. Instead I can break it down into segments. I found that mindset of great comfort thereby relieving a great amount of stress. I am glad to have this forum to discuss these issues and feel safe doing so. Thanks……….Brian

    1. Breaking down our past into segments is always the best way. It helps us focus on individual situations so we don’t have too much to deal with at once. I am so pleased you find the forum helpful and safe. I am here for you too. Thanks for posting.

  2. When I am stressed I tend to swear more and have “ataxic” moments and knock stuff over, drop, spill and trip, which makes me swear even more. its a vicious cycle and the only way for me to stop it is to leave the room, house or whatever. Not so easy when you have kids to take care of or a nagging spouse.

    1. We all have different things to deal with when we have cerebral palsy because no two conditions are the same, so your stress will be different to mine, as will your symptoms.

      You mentioned in one of your responses on the site about support. With support you may be less stressed. If you’re less stressed you may have less episodes of stress related problems you talk about in your response.

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