Taking away negativity

In my last journal, I talked about how we can sometimes feel drained and tired being in the company of people who are negative.

Below are some suggestions as to how we can make our life easier when we’re in negative company:

Know your conversation

Stop discussing anything that would seem diverse or personal that you’re not happy with. If the person you are talking to tries to engage you in conversation that may turn into a full-blown argument, leave the room or change the subject, if you can’t leave the room. If other people are with you, it may be more difficult to leave the room, but it will also be difficult for others to continue with the conversation.

Communicate assertively

Being able to communicate assertively is key. We mustn’t accept abusive behaviour and like children have boundaries, adults need boundaries too. Establish boundaries so that other people can’t talk in a way that you feel is totally inappropriate.

Talk to positive people

If you are speaking to more than one person, concentrate your energies on those in the group who you see as positive. That way you won’t come away from the conversation feeling drained. Also, be careful with whom you take into your confidence. If the person you’re speaking to generally gossips, make sure you keep your news to yourself.

Choose trustworthy and reliable

It’s important to make sure friends are good listeners, trustworthy and reliable. Being able to rely on those who have proven they’re good friends always helps. If you continue to struggle with negative thoughts and feelings, write those feelings down.

Find acceptance

It’s important to accept the way people are, but they must do the same with us. If friends aren’t compassionate and attentive there’s no point in wishing they were, we must either accept that, or choose to see them less. We cannot change others, we can only change the way we perceive others.

It’s possible we can bring about change through our own personal beliefs. When in other people’s company, try to work on the way you handle myself. Trying to change others to believe what we believe invites criticism and defensive attitudes.

10 Nov, 2010

10 thoughts on “Taking away negativity

  1. Whoa that’s a lot to take in today.

    I get the point and it’s choose your friends wisely because the wrong ones come along all too often. Family is family and we just have to take them with a grain of salt and let go of any preconceived notions that they will be what we want them to be.

    Knowledge of people’s motivations has helped me determine whether or not they will be friends or not. There are very few people that I will ever trust with my emotions and I believe it’s the only way to protect oneself.

  2. Negativity has always been a factor in my life which is why I’m not used to dealing with positive people! It has made it very difficult to make new friends considering the kind of people I’m used to dealing with. Thanks for bringing up such an important subject which was very timely for me!

    1. No problem Randy, thanks for your response to the post. It’s something that you will get better with in time. The more you continue to deal with positive people, the more positive thoughts you will have.

  3. So true. I like your journal. You are a good writer as well. Thanks for taking a couple of minutes to talk to me as well today. We just read yesterday and today’s journal together. My staff loved what you wrote as well.

    1. Colleen, it is always nice chatting with you. Thank you for taking the time to come back on site. I appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed my journal.

  4. I think negativity is not a great thing, but it can also be a good thing. With all the negativity you have in life, you know you can come out of it no matter what and that’s good.

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