Talent v Hard Work

Talent and effort equal hard work equals potential success, but even with effort hard work may not always equal success without a modicum of talent.

Not everyone who works hard will meet with success and those with talent who don’t work hard, may only need to rely on their talent to get them through. It’s not always fair when people who work hard, but don’t have talent, fail to make headway, and then you have people who it’s clear have talent, who don’t work hard, and still achieve.

Hard work may help people compensate for less talent, which is why it’s important we understand our own limitations and goals, and work within our means. But talent may come at a cost, because talent can and often does make people lazy.

When we know we can do something, we rely less on hard work, because we already know it’s what other people will want and although hard work doesn’t always give us a guarantee, our determination nd us using our initiative can pull us through.

Often, people’s evaluation of their own talents are overrated. Not everyone is as talented as they think, but even without the talent, with initiative and hard work, we can pull through.

Not everyone will have talent, but with initiative and common sense and continued hard work, we can come through.

2 Mar, 2021

4 thoughts on “Talent v Hard Work

  1. Boy, this is definitely one of my many pet peeves, where people who don’t work very hard end up getting the most stuff, or success among other things.

    I have watched many people (other guys, especially) who are the worst kind of people who ended up with the best jobs, and women, while I couldn’t get a date unless I paid for one.

    I have tried hard to not be resentful and envious about those things, as I always felt like I had to work ten times harder, but never got anything close to what they did.

    Life definitely isn’t always very fair. I’m working hard on trying to get over it.

  2. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’s particularly difficult when you know you’ve done your best, but your best never seems to be good enough, because someone else seems to achieve more without the effort you had to put in.

    It is easy to feel resentful and envious, a human trait, but one which doesn’t really help. The more we’re invested in ourselves, in our mental health, the more confident we will feel and the less time we will spend looking around at others.

  3. Although lots of people would have you believe otherwise, hard work really does trump talent.

    Talent will only get you so far and if you’re not willing to put in the work to harvest and cultivate talent, then the talent itself is basically wasted.

    So I agree with you hard work and perseverance will beat talent any day.

    1. Thanks. Yes, also hard work shows a determination for us to want to do well. That in itself trumps talent, in my book. Talent is a gift, many may often waste.

      When anyone works hard, their hard work should pay off. I say should, because for whatever reason, it doesn’t always and that’s what people find difficult.

      It’s easy to feel demoralised in that situation. Looking at the bigger picture does often help.

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