The Coronavirus

I should have put out a daily blog today, but this is more relevant now. Not having or being in control is scary in itself, therefore not being in control around the Coronavirus is very scary. Not being able to make conscious decisions about what and how we live our lives even more so.

It’s not a great scenario to have, or think about, but it does give us an opportunity to think about our lives and the way we get to live. The coronavirus is a wake- up call for us individually, for society and for the wider world. Not only is it shaping our world as we speak, but it is shaping our futures also.

It is also having a huge impact on businesses, and the economy, as bars, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, pubs, retailers and hairdressers, have now all been told to close. It is affecting human society as a whole, but what about the environment and wildlife also… what effect is the coronavirus having on them?

Nothing and no one are is escaping the pandemic. It is affecting the natural world, with a potential huge impact on the countryside and its wildlife habitat. Chris Packham, a Naturalist, has welcomed a reduction in pollution through air travel being suspended and there being fewer cars on the road, but worried about climate change.

Fast forward and us coming through the pandemic, we mustn’t forget about the global issue of climate change. It must never be forgotten. We must change our world, change our attitudes, we must be and do things differently, and although we can’t reverse the damage that has already been done to the environment through global warming, we can change the way we do things from here.

We must start to think about the environment and the wider world and the way we live and change our lifestyles, once we’re through the other end. Not to means we have learned and changed nothing, we’re killing ourselves and killing our world.

We must also want to make a difference and think about our place in the world now as we’re dealing with the pandemic. The skies are recovering from less air travel, less cars on the road mean, less air pollution too, the air smells cleaner, better for us, better for wildlife, less asthma cases. We must change the way we air travel, but must also think about how we use our cars.

We mustn’t lose sight of what the coronavirus means and why we have it. We must think about life once we’re through the other end and must change, to become better people, be more selfless, empathetic, compassionate and caring.

24 Mar, 2020

6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus

  1. Thank you for your level of thinking, as we need rational voices to help us survive these turbulent times.

    The Coronavirus is an enemy that must be defeated quickly, deep down I believe we can do that.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re welcome. Yes, I believe we can too. The Coronavirus is invisible and deadly.

      I hope the message is now filtering through and people will self-isolate. We must all continue to do our bit to reduce its impact on the world. Governments and countries must now work together for the greater good.

  2. Now I know why things feel familiar right now, seeing as this was pretty much how I grew up. There was always one crisis or another going on.

    We had to deal with that kind of insanity on a daily basis, so it isn’t fazing me quite as much as it is with everyone else. The biggest issue I can see is that whilst the majority of people are willing to take the necessary precautions, there are those who obviously refuse, even though it’s in their own best interest.

    These ‘rebels without a clue’ as I like to call them, are the reason that the virus isn’t going away very quickly. My girlfriend gets annoyed when I say that she’s being ridiculous by doing things like disinfecting grocery bags before they come into the house, but that isn’t going to be what gets us.

    She was actually exposed to a client from her work that came from a nursing home where they had a confirmed case of the virus, so that will more likely be the case.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, although being in contact with someone who has the virus is a risk, anything you touch is potentially a risk too, so your girlfriend is right to disinfect things she comes into contact with, sorry!

      I am doing the same here. But I’m pleased you’re not finding it daunting. The enormity of what the world is dealing with is colossal. I’m stilling trying to get my head around us losing our liberty, not being able to go out uniformly, even a walk at this time is proving difficult.

      I agree with you though, those who are selfishly ignoring their governments are putting more of us at risk and that must stop, now, today.

      Keep yourself safe and well. My thoughts are with my CP Diary family and those fighting the virus.

  3. We have seen many pandemics before, but I cannot recall one that is affecting most countries in the world. The question is what will the world be like when it’s over and how will our behaviour change to learn its lessons.

    It remains to be seen how history will record our efforts, but it is within our gift to change things and change things dramatically.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully. Given what we have at the moment, particularly with the UK, history will not be kind.

      That said there are EU countries who are taking the pandemic seriously and they will be judged favourably. Since what the world is dealing with is a world problem it’s important ALL countries work together.

      No is not the time to become blaze, or egotistical about how great people are. It’s about everyone working together and pulling their weight in times of a crisis.

      Lessons are not being learned that much is clear.

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