The Coronavirus & change

What would be the point of living a nightmare for months with something like the ‘Coronavirus’ and then not change anything through the other side? We must come through different people, we must change. It’s too big a catastrophe to ignore.

If like me, you believe things happen for a reason, then the Coronavirus is the reason. The universe is asking us to think about our planet, think about the world in the whole, the bigger picture, to think about change.  It is important we think about our lives and think about the changes we must make through the other end.

The universe is telling us we’re not getting this right. Through our lifestyles, the world pandemic is a problem we have created for ourselves.

It is telling us we’ve been selfish, arrogant, conceited and non-caring. It has pointed out our flaws through the process and is showing us our mistakes. It is highlighting the issues and telling us all we must now work together, and move forward.

The universe is making us accountable, it is pointing out our flaws, asking us to sort out the problems we’ve created. On our part, we must be responsible enough and accept we are responsible for this and change.

2 Apr, 2020

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus & change

  1. People seem to wonder why I’m not more upset and concerned about the virus, but it’s because I was raised in a world where every day was a crisis.

    We were quite literally fighting for our survival on a daily basis so what’s happening right now doesn’t bother me as much as it should. I’m sure that’s why I enjoy watching TV and movies that are about survival, as I’ve been doing it for the majority of my life.

    It would be great if people were willing to change, but they seemingly refuse to do that, even when it’s in their own best interests.

    The human race will be very lucky to survive even after going through this experience.

    1. We all deal with grief and stressful situations differently and our environment and upbringing are usually brought into that equation.

      I know you’re right, a human failing at best, I think the coronavirus has given us all food for thought, even if we choose not to think about it.

      To keep ourselves safe, we must be vigilant now. We must also look to change our attitudes through the other end. This is on us. Stay safe.

  2. I agree with you. There is no doubt that the virus will transform the way we live and work.

    It is an opportunity for us to significantly reduce the impact we are having on our planet and not to learn and take full advantage of this would be foolish.

    It is a terrible lesson but as you say, we must understand and change.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it already has. We have literally lost our liberty. And although that’s not fine in itself, we must think about and learn why we have lost it.

      As you aptly say in your response on my blog, we have an opportunity for us to significantly reduce the impact we are having on the planet.

      We must take full advantage and change moving forward, not to means we’re increasing our chances of losing more lives, as we continue to kill ourselves and the natural world.

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