The Covid-19 Controversies?

I have lost my liberty as have thousands of others disabled people, because wearing masks is no longer compulsory in the UK. As a result, we now have no choice but to stay home, unless others are willing to mask up, so that we may stay safe.

The Covid-19 vaccines aren’t without its controversies. They are courting confusion, which is why not all people have had the vaccine. Also, there is no data to suggest how those who are immunocompromised might fare.

It is clear people are being judged on their health status, and whether they choose to have the vaccine. But it’s not as clear cut as that. Those who choose not to have the vaccine, do so for their own reasons. That doesn’t make them selfish, stupid, or misguided.

There are many reasons why they may have chosen not to have the vaccine, including health reasons. For those people with a pre-existing condition, we need to know the vaccine will also be safe for us.

With a disability, it’s not an easy judgment call to make, because we are immunocompromised. Given we are, how will our immunity react to a vaccine, that hasn’t been tested on people with disabilities? There is no data to suggest we will be safe. (Source:

The Covid-19 vaccine has also been tested on animals, so even if someone isn’t choosing to take it for health reasons, they may not want to take it for moral and ethical reasons. Whether the testing link is direct, there is still a link to animal testing in the production of the Covid-19 vaccine.

What I know is that given I live and deal with a disability, with no information out there, I am one of many in that position where the government have made it impossible for us to decide and still expecting us to go ahead.

There is information out there on Covid-19 vaccine protection. You can be protected from anything up to 18 months, but that depends on your immunity and your age, so for those with a disability, we may not be as protected as we think we will be. The level of protection, is the reason why the Government is now introducing booster jabs. (Source:

The vaccine has now become a race against time, particularly as the winter season is fast approaching and the Government want the booster in place. But what happens after that, if you only have 18+ protection, then what, yearly booster jabs?

What the Government don’t understand is that when people have the right information in front of them, they are empowered to make informed choices about things like the Covid-19 vaccine; what they put into their bodies and whether it’s a good fit for what they deal with. No one is discrediting the vaccine roll out, but one size does not fit all.

The way the government have handled the vaccine, means it has also divided opinion and created a two-tier society. Those who have been vaccinated and those who haven’t. There is little tolerance on both.

6 Aug, 2021

6 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Controversies?

  1. Yes, there is controversy over the virus and the vaccine when it isn’t that complicated. People need to wear masks, not only to protect themselves but others as well. Everybody wants to get back to a ‘normal’ life but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, least of all because we’re not wearing masks.

    They are refusing to get the vaccine mostly because of what I can tell is the ‘rebel without a clue’ attitude. They don’t want to be told what to do, even if it will save their own lives.

    I have been listening to this argument for a very long time due to one of my girlfriend’s daughters refusing to get the vaccine because her boyfriend has her convinced, it’s probably a government conspiracy to implant microchips into people.

    The worst part is that she is immunocompromised and if she catches it, she would be in serious trouble. Why is it that people refuse to do the right thing, even if it will save their own lives, the lives of other people and their loved ones?

    I for one would love to be able to do things like finally travel the world to be able to meet such amazing people like you, but that isn’t safely possible with the way things are right now.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, It’s difficult. Given the handling of Covid-19 and the enormity of what the world is literally dealing with, there is reason for people to have an opinion and in most cases, it is warranted.

      If governments had have ironed out all the difficulties people face just taking the vaccine, and those have had been covered, more people I am sure would have taken the vaccine.

      Whilst there are difficulties for some of us, there is no excuse for Governments, particularly the UK government taking a stance against the wearing of masks. Recommended and Expected to wear a mask will never work.

      Opinions are divided, but the stats speak for themselves. Masks are a physical deterrent from Covid-19. Even more important because we can still catch Covid-19 and Long Covid with two jabs.

      It is important people decide for themselves. Where politicians assumed we would all take the vaccine, they failed to understand the enormity of why taking the vaccine, isn’t so straight forward.

      The vaccine isn’t without its problems or controversies.

  2. Ilana, you are not a lone lioness in this wilderness of confusion. Many insightful souls like you have valid concerns about the vaccine, that’s completely understandable.

    But when I see maskless people in public spaces that I occupy, I’m both afraid and outraged. This Covid-19 controversy has shown me that we have not evolved beyond childish politics and conspiracy theories.

    I am yearning to breathe free just like everyone else, but it takes common sense and extraordinary discipline from the entire population to achieve that goal. I say good luck with that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Agreed and yes, your comment about the vaccine and common sense is true. It’s what we need, in politics and in our communities.

      Whilst many of us are choosing to continue to abide by the Covid-19 rules, where those are now lifted, people are choosing to do as they please because they can.

      Given the science, scientists have made their views clear that Covid-19 is here for good and we should all be masking up and social distancing. When children go back into school, Covid-19 cases will start to rise again.

      There is no question there is little common sense around some of the decisions being made. So, where governments aren’t getting this right, we have to be our own eyes and use our common sense.

      Right now my life has been limited to going out for walks and the odd visit to a hair salon. I am lucky the hair salon I go to, still have some of their Covid-19 provisions in place, so I am able to go.

      It was my first time out last week in the salon and although I went in with my KN95 mask and felt reasonably safe, it was made clear very quickly that I am in the minority now and that’s not common sense.

      Shop workers aren’t in a position to enforce the wearing of masks or social distancing anymore, but we still should, because we have the virus and because it will help those who are high risk get out of their homes.

      It is a selfless act, for us to continue to think about others who are worse off in Covid-19 times. With the virus in full swing, simply put, we’re showing just how non-selfless we are.

  3. If we’ve learned anything about the virus, its that it’s here to stay, so it makes sense to me that we find some sort of equilibrium, with enables us to go about out lives the best we can to avoid the ‘yo-yoing’ of restrictions/relaxation/restrictions which does no good at all.

    This means compromises by individuals, businesses and governments. Why social distancing and wearing masks cannot be part of that I cannot understand, as these are the basis means by which transmission is minimised.

    The vaccination programme here in the UK has been a huge success at breaking the link between the virus and hospital admissions and serious illness and death, but it is not enough because we can still catch Covid and Long-Covid.

    As we come into winter and schools and universities go back, we are bound to see more waves and potentially the reintroduction of restrictions yet again.

    1. Thanks, yes correct. As we go into winter (or the fall) time will tell if the current Government responses to the pandemic are right.

      I will stand corrected if we predict this wrong, but it makes sense that we continue to social distance and continue to mask up. It’s the physical barriers that will keep us safe and well. The physical barriers should continue to be implemented by governments, world wide.

      From what Tim has said in his response, living in the States, it is also clearly not the case. It’s mad.

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