The Easing of Lockdown

On the 1st April shielding in the UK stops, and for those of us who are high-risk, I am sure we have mixed feelings about it. Although it’s not necessarily bad, it’s not a good thing either.

Allowing us out of lockdown means the virus can continue to spread if we’re not careful. We we’re being asked to wear masks in shops when they were open, but we should also be masking up in all public spaces including parks.

Whilst I appreciate we all want something resembling ‘normal’ back for the first time in over a year, unless we mask up, there is nothing to stop the virus from continuing to mutate and spread, for us to catch Covid-19.

Even with the first jab you can still catch covid. Whilst the additional issues around the blood clotting Oxford AstraZeneca issues are still not resolved, more countries are choosing to disband with the vaccine for now.

Coming out of lockdown, although welcome for many, will come at a cost if we fail to take the necessary precautions. moving forward.

According to the independent scientists, you’re looking at 2022 before anything that resembles ‘normal’ returns. The UK government need to bear that in mind.

1 Apr, 2021

2 thoughts on “The Easing of Lockdown

  1. I share your mixed feelings. I fully understand lockdown cannot persist until the virus disappears, but equally it brings the increased likelihood that people will ignore advice and will behave as they see fit.

    We are already seeing this in the UK this week in the unusually warm weather with people congregating as if there was no killer virus.

    The only way through this is a combination of vaccination, which in the UK is going exceptionally well and through people changing their habits, which is going less well.

    I suspect we will be having this debate well into next year and probably beyond.

    1. You make a good point. The more we behave as if there is no virus, the more we will have to deal with the virus.

      And whilst we cannot stay locked up indefinitely, we all have a part to play in this. It was never the ideal scenario to lock us in our homes, but ‘give an inch and take a mile’ and that is what you have.

      On our part, it’s all about common sense and us doing what is best for all of us in the longer term. Not to means we can be living with a killer virus for months, even years.

      It doesn’t care who it infects and kills therefore we must care.

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