The emotional stress of living with CP

We can be positive and deal with our problems with fortitude and positivity, but even when we’re around people who are negative, we find ourselves having to build ourselves back up again.

It is only through talking about mental health that we will be able to make the link between emotions and health. Our emotions play a big part in whether we stay well or not. Emotional health can affect our immune system, so keeping our emotions strong, is very important.

Around cerebral palsy I struggle. The emotional stress of living with cerebral palsy can be difficult sometimes. Mental health and keeping our emotions in tact is massively important.

23 May, 2010

12 thoughts on “The emotional stress of living with CP

  1. You know how terrific you are and you can’t fool me, come on now.

    I agree with you totally, because when I am feeling well on either side of the fence; it does make it easier to bring the other side up as well mental/emotional sides. I lost 13 pounds and am feeling a bit better, a lot better.

    Thanks for all of the great advice.

    1. You’re welcome. It’s no problem, anytime. I agree with you that when we’re feeling well, motivated and focused it’s easier to bring up and talk about how we feel.

      It’s important we do.

  2. I’m glad that even though you had no support system as a child you have chosen to rise above CP and have a positive outlook.

    You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Wow you are absolutely amazing! ! I’m sorry your mom passed so young. I truly believe also it’s all attitude and who and what we are around and our choices.

    Yesterday I felt bad for being tired and sore, but my 85 yr old grandpa and mother were working on the move. I’d sit for 10 minutes and get back up to do more work.

    I have to remind myself and others I can’t compare myself physically with others.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Your last paragraph resonates with me.

      I also feel others have to remember that for us too, otherwise we’ll begin to feel we’re either moaning when we have to remind others of what we deal with; or we’re a burden because we can’t work to full capacity.

      Either scenario isn’t great so it helps when others really do understand.

  4. You are inspirational Ilana. You have turned a negative into an astounding positive! You’re truly amazing and wonderful and we are ALL here for you always!

  5. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a child. I had difficulty breathing at birth. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my throat. I was told it’s a very mild case.

    Here I am at age 42. I am on disability and lost my insurance, due to getting married. I am having troubles with managing my pain. I was wondering if is there any over the counter drugs that might help with the pain due to being in a lot of pain? I’m having lots of trouble sleeping.

    Like you I am not very educated about Cerebral Palsy and just recently started researching about it. My family is also criticizing my shortcomings as well. I try to exercise but it’s hard to with the pain and sleep deprivation.

    I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all these conditions and nobody that I can relate too.

    1. Hi Jennifer and welcome to the site. Yes, I can resonate with you and feel what you feel.

      Many years down the line and there is still not enough understanding and support around what someone with Cerebral Palsy might deal with.

      I think there can be. But as with everything attitudes must change. My Cerebral Palsy is also mild.

      I take herbal supplements rather than conventional medicine to help me function normally and have come off all meat proteins to help keep arthritis at bay and it’s working.

  6. Hi Ilana, may I ask what kind of herbal supplements do you take? Hmm a vegetarian! I never thought consuming proteins could trigger arthritis.

    Well all I know to do is to keep educating myself and be respectful about educating others around me. Thanks to the chat, I’ll definitely will be coming back to site.

    Respectfully… Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’d love you to come back to the site. Yes it’s hard to believe that animal proteins can cause arthritis, but it’s absolutely true. Animal protein such as fish, poultry, red meat, eggs and dairy products, tend to leach calcium from the bones, causing arthritis.

      I take a vitamin supplement, together with a fish oil, calcium supplement, Spirulina and vitamin C. I also take L-glutamine that helps strengthen my oesophagus and an enzyme supplement that helps with absorption.

      I take both supplements before every meal and they work pretty well. Also try to cut down on stress because that can add to problems with ‘IBS’ and check out what you eat because that can also cause problems with digestion.

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