The general dysfunction cycle

Breaking the cycle of general dysfunction, is important if we are to bring peace into our lives. And unless we choose to break the cycle, we will pass those dysfunctional traits on to our own children.

We have to want to break the cycle. We have to want to change, we have to want to make it happen instead of talking about making it happen. We have to want to unlearn the behaviour patterns we’ve lived with for so many years. We have to want to change our mindset, we have to want to move on.

We can change our mindset, we can rebuild our lives. Even though we may start with learned dysfunctional patterns, we can relearn new healthier patterns, based on new values that we’re happy with, and not values passed down by our family.

It is important to be the change, rather than just wait for change to happen. Change can’t happen unless we change. We can’t wait to be rescued, we must rescue ourselves.

Breaking the dysfunction cycle, also means we can be empowered to make our own decisions, decisions that in the longer term will be healthier for us.

8 Apr, 2021

2 thoughts on “The general dysfunction cycle

  1. The type of behaviour you talk about can run in families, but not all families will have dysfunctional traits. It is up to each of us to make sure we work together.

    If Covid-19 teaches us one thing, it’s that we all need to come together. We couldn’t be further apart.

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