The Golden Years

I’m taking a break today from my writings on emotional detachment to talk about the significance of my Cerebral Palsy problems, as I age.

I have already written a blog here on the site about arthritis and osteoporosis and the effects of muscle and joint problems because of Cerebral Palsy, as I get older, but I still go back to my thoughts on prematurity and wonder whether my being premature will have consequences for me throughout my golden years?

I have mentioned and still have Digestion and Reflux problems. Of course there is uncertainty for others too who don’t deal with Cerebral Palsy and who deal with their own conditions; but with conditions like MS and Parkinson’s Disease, there is information out there that explains what that particular patient may have to face. It doesn’t make it any easier of course, but to be informed is to be forearmed, you work your life around what you know of your condition.

For those of us with Cerebral Palsy, there is no more information than what we already have, but in the meantime, I will continue to concentrate on the other side of my health, by taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement; vitamin C to boost my immunity; a Calcium and Magnesium supplement to help with strong bones and antioxidants to eliminate free radicals, so that my cells stay healthy. I will also continue to exercise.

I will spend time concentrating on my diet too to make sure I’m eating foods that won’t interfere with IBS, digestion or reflux. I am hoping that if prematurity and problems with my organs are a problem as I age, my healthier lifestyle will help bridge the gap for a finite time, but I am also well aware that I have no guarantees on that and the rest of my health as far as Cerebral Palsy and prematurity are concerned.

What I’m doing has to be better than nothing. I think I would be worse off without all that I do.

4 Mar, 2011

6 thoughts on “The Golden Years

  1. I think you’re doing great for what you deal with.

    I admire your persistence in using natural health remedies and not prescription meds. I wish I could come off all the meds I’m on. I do continue to take my vitamins and minerals and try to eat healthier.

    I believe the fact that I don’t take the recommended amounts of my meds is due to the natural remedies I use and me being stubborn about not wanting to take anymore than I have to. I still have pain occasionally, but I won’t increase my pain meds because I don’t want to. I have to function daily without being foggy minded and won’t do anything to risk that.

    I know I may have more problems as I get older, but hopefully by warding off some of that by living healthier, I might do better. I honestly believe that some of the meds doctors prescribe make people worse and unable to function.

    All these new meds for fibromyalgia, I’ve tried some of them and guess what? they made me worse. I think that the drug companies and the doctors are in this together. If you’re worse you go to the doctor and he gives you something else to take. So the docs and drug companies both make more money… and the older we get the more meds are being pushed to us.

    Living more naturally keeps the doctor away!

    1. Lisa my advice to you would be too try as hard as you can at eating healthy foods, cut down on your smoking and perhaps look into supplements that you can take alongside your conventional meds, if appropriate.

      Given with what I deal with i know I would be ten times worse without all that I do. I would still love to be able to eat healthy and not have to take supplements but that will never happen. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow and work things out as and when we need to. I believe good healthy lifestyle choices are key, but we all have some way to go.

      As much as we try, I am not sure we will all get it right all of the time.

  2. As I grow older, I sometimes worry what I will be like physically when I am a senior (65 or over). I know that because of CP everything tends to wear out faster than in able bodied people.

    I just hope I will still be able to maintain my mobility and Independence, that I have now.

  3. I have the same concerns as Randy Darling. I hope I can maintain my mobility and Independence, that I have.

    1. Bill, I feel the same way and totally agree with both you and Randy.

      It’s important for us to be able to hold on to our mobility and independence for as long as we can, but we cannot wait to see what happens, we have to plan ahead now as much as we are able through our lifestyle choices.

      Nice to see you on site Bill.

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