The importance of change

Change is something we shy away from because it seems daunting, even scary sometimes, but change is necessary. Change is having the ability to move from one situation to another. Change gives us a different perspective. Where we know physical change is going to happen we’re happy to accept it, but we seem to find psychological change difficult.

For some of us change is usually brought about by a desire for us to want to change, but it’s something that needs to be recognised if it is to happen. Sadly, when we don’t think about change or look to change, it’s easy to stagnate and that can’t broaden our horizons, or our spiritual growth.

How many of us will continue to down the same job without thinking about finding another job, potentially earning more money, taking on more responsibility, or exploring new horizons? Initially we’re afraid of change, because we’re scared to delve into unknown territory.

A familiar situation is always more comforting. It’s assumed that when we gamble with change we take risks, and risks are something that we’re not always comfortable with. That part to some degree is inevitable and therefore not so easy to accept.

Without change we are less likely to have a go at new things. We may more than likely shop at the same grocery store and eat the same foods. We know what we know. But without change, we will stop learning and experiencing new things; change is important, it helps us grow.

When we bring about change, we psychologically clear the closet and wipe the slate clean. We also begin to see that we can live a new life, take a new approach and see for ourselves that change isn’t as scary as we once thought, the other side of change.

24 Jul, 2011

5 thoughts on “The importance of change

  1. Great post. I agree. I think change is good for all.

    I’ve changed a few times in different areas of my life. The most recent is a job change, which I can’t do until I finish college. I’ve been in the same job for 25 years and am ready for a change, more of a challenge.

    My husband and I are going to have a change around the house with the addition of a little boy, who we’re soon going to adopt.

    We’ve been on our own for 7 years and this will be a challenge for both of us, but it’s for the child’s welfare… and we’ve both fallen in love with the little guy.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I totally agree change is good for all of us. It helps us adapt to new situations.

      Good luck with the adoption when it happens. I know you’re ready for it.

  2. Thanks Ilana for posting a very relevant article. Change is inevitable. This is the consistent part of life.

    Every days some changes are taking place in one’s life, whether one notices or not. It is how we respond to it. How we try to adopt with it. If our reaction is going to be positive, it can have an enhancing effect on our life and vice versa. People who do not adopt to the change effectively are more prone to remain behind in this struggle of life.

    I agree it is associated with a set of risks and uncertaintities. This leads to unnecessary anxiety. The best way to deal with it, is to preempt and be prepared for it. Take it as an opportunity and try to learn from it.

    1. Hi and welcome to the site. Yes you’re absolutely right change is inevitable, yet sometimes unpredictable and agree that without working or trying to work through change positively, we will always struggle with any new outcome centred around change.

      I would rather struggle slightly with change, but learn to grow through change, because growth inevitable leads us not only to a better life, but to a better quality of life, particularly if the change we’re working towards, is something we want.

    2. Thanks and welcome to the site. Yes change is certainly inevitable, not something we can shy away from easily and if dealt with positively can make us feel less anxious and very positive about the outcome.

      I personally feel that change is something we should try to embrace and allow into our lives. Not to change is to stagnate. Without change we do not allow for emotional growth and that in the longer term will be our biggest benefit.

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