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The world I grew up in isn’t the world my children are growing up in, when it comes to the modern world and technology.

In a way it’s not altogether bad that we live in a technological world, but it’s not an altogether good thing either, because it has changed the way children interact with others. Although technology has become the catalyst for the way we communicate, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

With peer pressure and other outside influences being part of the equation, many parents may struggle to understand how they can tap into their children’s lives, without them having to compete with the latest technology, such as mobile phones, iPads and games consoles and how they can help to bring about less challenging emotional outcomes for their children in today’s world.

Technology has the ability to cause more stress, but with many outside influences and challenges, it is not surprising children use technology as a retreat. With technology at their fingertips, children have learned a different way to communicate with their families.

Although children’s values are often based on their parents’ values, those values don’t always seem to tie in with how they live their lives. Growing up my values were based on people, not things. We didn’t have technology in the way children have technology today. We amused ourselves and in doing so, our lives were simple, less stressful.

We played and interacted with other children without the need for technology and whilst it’s good to have some technology in our lives, I think we continue to rely on technology too much. We’re too focused on reading what our friends have to say on WhatsApp, more than we do from someone who is next to us in the same room.

Instead of picking up a phone, children may use WhatsApp and other social media sites to communicate. With a completely different tech world in front of them, their values don’t reflect what they may have been taught. It’s sad children seem focused on technology and may often forget what it means to have a real relationship that doesn’t include the latest gadget.

Unfortunately, this can make them insensitive to other people’s needs, whilst making themselves detached, insular and insensitive.

25 Jun, 2016

6 thoughts on “The modern world

  1. Having grown up in the 1960s and 70s I spent my time playing outside in the street or on my bike or round at friends’ houses, listening to music or getting up to mischief. Those times were character forming as I learned about social interactions and independence.

    Unfortunately, current generations would rather lock themselves in their rooms, online in a world that teaches us nothing important. As a consequence they learn no life skills and I despair for their future communication skills.

    In a world run by technology I understand the need to be tech savvy; but there is a balance and I fear we are failing our children in this regard.

    1. Thanks, yes I agree. There are however, a few ways to look at this.

      I feel we are failing our children when we allow them to have everything they want because we didn’t have anything, or we had very little. We want them to have more than we had, but the material way, isn’t the right way. I have seen that happen.

      The old fashioned values aren’t there anymore either. Some parents seem more concerned about their own lives than they do their children’s and don’t take the time to support them emotionally and provide discipline.

      For those parents who do emotionally support their children in the modern world, they have too many outside influences to compete with that are constantly changing their children’s perceptions.

      Children fail themselves because they allow themselves to be indulged in this way, without thinking about the more important aspects of their lives, like morals and family.

      Finally, technology doesn’t make us immoral in the true sense, but technology does make us thoughtless and insensitive, when we fail to think about anyone else.

  2. Yes, it is a completely different world today compared to how it was when I grew up!

    I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when this kind of technology was just coming out. We had to actually get out and do things for entertainment, whereas they can now just sit in front of a screen for hours. They don’t have to interact directly with other kids, so they are losing the ability to communicate on a personal level.

    It’s too easy for kids to be able to cyberbully or worse; because of the anonymity that the internet provides. You hear about cases everyday where kids commit suicide because of this, while people act like they’re helpless to prevent these things from happening!

    I have seen this happening with my niece getting into so much trouble over the internet, with a father who is what I call “tech-illiterate” and doesn’t get it! My girlfriend has tried so hard to point these things out while the Dad has acted like he was deaf, dumb and blind!

    I just don’t understand how it is that people don’t see what is happening right in front of them. I guess I do still live more in the old world since I don’t have things like an iPhone which would allow me to be glued to a screen 24/7. The internet is more of a tool for me than anything right now, seeing as I have agoraphobia and so many other issues that it does allow me to communicate with the outside world.

    Yes, I do know the difference between the two, so it isn’t like I’m living in a fantasy world like so many people!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, the internet has its place. As you say it is a communication tool, but where we could choose to communicate on a personal level and interact with each other, we use social media sites instead.

      I live in the modern world too, but still choose to replicate the old fashioned values, but unless we all think about working the same way there will always be emotional discrepancies for us to deal with.

      People over things have always been more important to me. Unfortunately, technology has shown us a different way to be.

    1. Thanks Carol. Yes, I also believe it’s important we think about and change certain aspects of our life so that we fit our lives around ourselves first.

      We put ourselves under enormous pressure to conform. I believe and ‘my story’ shows that it is more important for us to be who we are.

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