The truth

Always tell the truth, because it’s the right thing to do. Telling the truth means we will never have to doubt and question ourselves, or other people. It also means we won’t spiral into a world of deceit and it’s good for our health.

With truth, we will have trust, but without trust we may never know whether we will have truth. It takes courage to tell the truth, particularly if we think it may hurt another person’s feelings. When we don’t tell the truth, non-truths will come back on us.

But not everyone is emotionally ready to hear the truth, and that’s what makes our task difficult. It’s not that what we’re saying is wrong, but that what we’re saying is not always ready to be received.

My mum always told the truth. She would rather hear the truth than be lied to, even if hearing the truth proved difficult. But when we live without the truth, we’re in denial of what the truth is. Telling the truth can make us vulnerable and open to criticism, but it’s important to tell the truth anyway.

Truth and honesty are the epitome of life. It is what life should be about and is right because it fits in with what the universe expects of us. Truth forms the building blocks of our integrity and helps build the foundations for us to live with peace in our lives. It also helps with spiritual growth.

Having nothing to hide is much easier than hiding everything and getting caught out. Speaking our truth ultimately gives us the freedom to express and be ourselves, in a world where others may often draw comparisons with others. Instead, just be yourself.

11 Dec, 2012

8 thoughts on “The truth

  1. All so true!

    If we tell the truth we don’t get bogged down in other lies and have to keep lying to keep the first lie up.

    Lying is stressful. We will worry about the lie and it eat us up on the inside, but being truthful isn’t really stressful.

  2. In my case, I’ve spent so many years not knowing the difference between truth and lies!

    I grew up in a world where telling the truth about my life was highly discouraged. I never really had any friends, so it wasn’t that difficult to hide what was really going on.

    It just frustrates me no end, since I feel like I’m still living such a lie, with no real way out. I find myself getting extremely angry out of the blue since so many feelings want to surface all at the same time.

    The truth is there is a lot of sadness in my life, for what I have done and a lot of things I haven’t, but I can only change what I’m going to do.

    I’ll be praying that I will have the strength to do what needs to be done!

    1. Hopefully you’ll be able to sort your feelings out soon Randy. I know how you feel given my own experiences.

      You are right though, you are the only one who can change what you are going to do. Perhaps now is that time! I believe you can do it.

  3. I’ve heard of studies where several people will witness a crime or accident and they will provide their description of their truth about what happened. Most all of them had a different perspective of the event which solidified their own truth.

    What I am getting at is I have to live with my truth and others with theirs, it doesn’t mean either one is lying or wrong, it’s just their perspective is different.

    1. I understand what you’re saying Brian. Yes we all have a different perspective, but the truth I talk of is based on the universal truths.

      Because we don’t tap into the universal truths, our perceptions of the truth will always differ. If more people followed the universal truths I believe we would have the same perspective.

      That is my own understanding.

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