The uncertainties of illness

In the last couple of days I have been ill. I tend to go through phases where I stay well for a few weeks, but then go through illness blindly, because I have no idea what I deal with and how bad it will be.

Usually when I think I’m home and dry, I find I’m back again in the throws of illness again. Where other people recover in two days, it will take me four. I never really know what’s around the corner, which is one of the reasons I invest in my health as much as I do.

A cold will turn into nightmare flu symptoms and within the hour, I am paralysed due to additional problems I have with digestion and upper respiratory issues. I think it’s the magnitude of what I deal with that scares me sometimes. I have to prepare myself psychologically to work through illness.

I know others will have that too, but being completely re-wired from Cerebral Palsy means that my understanding of how my body works will never give me clarity and what I have to deal with around illness. I work illness blindly, because I never know how bad I’m going to be and how long it will take for me to get back up on my feet again.

I heal very slowly. I always will. The positive part is that learning about my disability gives me knowledge about what I deal with. It gives me the power to work through things. The more I know about what I am dealing with, the more I have control.

It also gives me chance to take illness when it comes, in my stride. Feeling comfortable with what I know, gives me the opportunity to make everything less complicated. I also think it helps me to recognise and be aware of my emotions as and when they happen and that helps.

8 Oct, 2010

4 thoughts on “The uncertainties of illness

  1. Knowledge is empowering; it gives us tools to cope; tools to find cures and it most importantly gives us peace of mind in the midst of chaos.

    You will work it out and come through once again having gained some new tools and insight to help you cope with even more ease in the future. This is the attitude for living that make me so very proud to call you a friend.

    Thank you Ilana… your friend Brian.

    1. You are absolutely right Brian, but I must thank you too, because without your support on what I write, this would not be as successful as it is. Thank you.

  2. You handle illness very well. You have the knowledge to do that. You are very good to yourself. Hope you feel well soon and get back to normal.

    I need someone to help me get through illness. I too have a lower immune system and will get a simple cold which will turn into the flu. But it doesn’t last very long, maybe a week at the most. The last time I had the flu, my hair hurt. I didn’t want to be touched by anybody.

    If I know it’s coming I’ll start on the supplements and try to ward it off. I am also careful anyway because the client I have, tends to get sick a good bit in the colder weather months. He is just getting over pneumonia now. So being careful not to spread germs between us is important for both of us.

    1. Thanks Lisa I’m feeling better. I think we all have our way of coming through illness, but sometimes we need to do it in our own way, so I do understand your feeling of not want to be touched, smile!

      I also believe in supplements, but I tend to take them regularly, so if I get to the stages of being ill I hopefully won’t get the full illness, but that is not something I can guarantee.

      It really is a shame we live too far away from each other, but I am here to support you emotionally.

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