The universal truth

Some of us will live a life of denial on what are the universal truths. Perhaps we’re in denial because we would rather sit on the fence because it’s easier, or perhaps the truth will open wounds that are better let unopened.

Perhaps it’s not you, perhaps it’s someone else who is denying the truth, because they know that what they’re doing is something the universe won’t agree with. Whatever our reasons for ignoring the truth, it may never bring the right choices, or the right outcomes.

When anyone ignores the universal truth, it will not only hurt the person ignoring the truth; but will change the family dynamics too as that person continues to gloss over the truth. And as hard as it is to be honest and upfront, what we tell others is important, because it not only shapes us as individuals, our life and our children’s life, but it’s also a conversation with the universe.

But no matter how long it takes for us to accept the truth, the universal truth will always prevail and act. The truth is the truth, no matter how many times we ignore or gloss over it. Just because we ignore or are in denial about the truth, doesn’t mean the universe has its blinkers on.

The universe knows our truth and the truth is not something we can avoid. Things have a habit of coming back to us, no one escapes accountability.

25 Aug, 2015

6 thoughts on “The universal truth

  1. The truth will always come out and will be discovered eventually. I remember studying the saying, ‘The Truth Will Out’ in English Literature at school and apparently it comes from a play by William Shakespeare written about 500 years ago. So there is clearly nothing new about the principle that eventually the truth will prevail or hiding the truth for that matter.

    I can understand why people might withhold the full truth or be economical with all the facts, but being in denial is different and I agree we are only lying to ourselves when we are in denial and that does us no good at all.

    1. Thanks, yes I think so too. I also think it depends on the nature of the truth we’re looking for.

      If we’re holding the truth to protect our children or family, to some degree I would say that is acceptable, particularly if we might end up hurting that person needlessly, but if and when it comes to making a difference between children, then I would say it’s not acceptable.

      Life is hard enough. If that were the case, leaving problems between siblings because the truth is ignored, particularly when it comes to money, a Will and/or inheritance. That is a family’s biggest nightmare.

  2. “You’re only as sick as your secrets!” This is an AA saying I’ve heard and seems fitting in this post.

    My entire childhood was spent in denial. I long ago lost the ability to tell the difference between truth and fiction which made my life a living Hell. I’m the type of person who normally becomes a sociopath because they lose the ability to discern right from wrong!

    I think the only thing that really saved me was that I used to believe in superheroes and King Arthur where they lived by certain codes. The truth for me has been that I have been battling so many demons in my life, many that were not even my own.

    Now I have to learn the difference as to what ones are mine and what belongs to everyone else. I have to be able to take the blinders off to be able to look at all of myself, both good and bad! You can’t handle the truth, is the other expression that comes to mind, since there are so many people this applies to.

    People wonder how it is that the ones who proclaim to be saints are among the worst sinners. It’s because those who know the truth turn a blind eye and pretend it isn’t happening which any abused child can attest to.

    Parts of me wonder if the human race is worth saving, but when I look into my daughter’s eyes,I know it is! The universal truth is that we’re all only human!

    1. Thanks Randy. I hope you’re okay. Yes I believe anyone can handle the truth if they tell the truth.

      It’s only when we fail to tell the truth we have a hard time dealing with the truth. Whether we tell the truth or not, the universal truth will always prevail whether we choose to abide by the Universal Law’s rules.

  3. Yes, the truth will come out and always sets us free! Even if we’re hurting, we’ll have a sense of freedom. And from there I believe we can truly heal.

    1. Yes I also believe in that analogy. At the time though, it doesn’t always feel that way, but that when we look back and we have moved on, we often see how more free we feel.

      Things always have a way of working out, because the universe makes it so… as long as we abide by the universal rules.

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