The Universal Truths

I wanted to elaborate. Writing from a universal standpoint in the way I do is an advantage because the universal truths affects us all.

My blog The CP Diary is based on my truths and the universal truths. The universal truths are out there, the universe knows everything we haven’t yet thought about. Whether we’re taking note or not, from a universal standpoint if the information is out there, we are governed by what those truths expect of us. No one escapes the universal truths.

I write from a universal perspective for a number of key reasons. Writing the truth is the right thing to do, and life works out better when we do. Also, writing the truth helps me function in my autistic world. But the universal truths aren’t just my truths, they belong to us all, therefore it is important we live and incorporate those truths into our daily lives.

Once we understand the rules and how universal truths play out in our personal lives, our lives can become more productive and a lot easier. When we work in truth, we set ourselves free.

We make our lives more complicated and challenging when we fail to incorporate the universal truths into our life. Working from our own truths isn’t the same thing. Anyone can put a spin on the truth, on how they see things, how they want things to go.

There would be less to worry about if we incorporated and worked with the universal truths and our lives would work out better, but the truth is that unless we incorporate universal truths into our lives and we start make better choices, we will all continue to struggle.

5 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “The Universal Truths

  1. Universal truths are part of the shared human experience and there’s no escaping them. They are there to help and guide us and point us in the right direction.

    As you say in this blog working with them and abiding by them is a simple choice which will help us grow and be the best we can, so that we may become better people.

    1. Thanks, yes they are. Life works out better when you follow the universal truths. Also, if more of us worked with the universe, as you say they will help us grow and be the best that we can.

      It is even more important we abide by the universe and universal truths. The universal truths allow for spiritual and emotional growth.

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