The value of positive emotions

Having lived through experiences I wouldn’t want others to have experienced and not having the emotional support, I know and understand the beneficial psychological effects of talking about how we feel.

Psychology has turned its attentions to researching and looking into negative emotions and negative effects and how those can bring about depression, anger and stress. If a condition like depression is allowed to continue, it can signal the presence of a psychological disorder.

Even as a small, child I was aware of just how important my emotions were, and why being positive was an important part of that. As long as we continue to think about and see our lives positively, those positives will always bring about possibilities we didn’t think were possible.

It is not only important that we cultivate and nurture our emotions, but we must also deal with our issues, because those will emotionally hurt us if we’re not at peace with them, or ourselves. Feeling content and satisfied, being loved, all enhance our ability to adapt and allow for resilience.

Positive emotions can also enhance our ability to problem solve and even infuse negative situations with positive meaning; it’s that which facilitates us bouncing back. We cannot think about cultivating positivity, until we deal with the issues that cause things like depression, anger and stress.

The value of positive emotions, which are now being understood, are part of mental health and mental health issues.

24 Jun, 2018

4 thoughts on “The value of positive emotions

  1. Positive emotions aren’t something I’ve had a lot of experience with, seeing as I have lived most of my life on the dark side.

    I have seen the worst that humanity has had to offer, so it’s no wonder I was scarred. People like to use expressions like, ‘just get over it’ and ‘don’t worry be happy,’ which is what I wish I could do, but it doesn’t come all that easily to me.

    I am only now trying to comprehend what it will be like to have a more positive life, which will make it a lot more enjoyable than what it has been.

    I have to learn how to let go of all the negative things, even if it means giving up on things like a very toxic relationship that has been killing my spirit for far too long.

    I just want to be able to live my own life and feel comfortable in my own skin for a change.

    1. Thanks Randy. I think you’re right. Giving up on a toxic relationship will be the first step to you letting go of your toxic life.

      As you say, I think sometimes seeing the worst of what humanity has to offer should be enough for us to want to walk away from that life, but we must do it.

      I too want you to be comfortable in your own skin.

  2. Feeling negative emotions is part of what makes us human, but I do believe that we can change how we feel.

    Positive emotions are good for us, instead of narrowing our focus like negative emotions do, positive emotions make us feel better and increase our awareness.

    We should all learn how to be more positive, so we can be happier and healthier. It’s easier to say it than it is to do, but we owe it to ourselves to be happy and a positive outlook is an integral part of happiness.

    1. Thank you. I have proved to myself that we can change from negative to positive. we just have to want to.

      We can either see our experiences as a stepping stone to change, or stay being a victim. Sadly, too many of us remain the latter.

      I absolutely agree with what you say in your final paragraph. It is important we learn how to be more positive. Being positive, not only creates more positivity, but positivity creates a wealth of opportunities.

      As you say positive emotions, make us feel better and increases our awareness, because we’re open-minded.

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