The World Pandemic

Months into the world pandemic and questions should be asked why we have it and what we can do to protect ourselves, if we are to have a future. It would be good for our thoughts to go to those who are fighting the virus, for the loss of life.

The saying: ‘the human condition is inevitably flawed,’ is absolutely true, the pandemic is showing just how much it is flawed. We’re not looking after ourselves in a way that helps us or the natural world, we’re not keeping ourselves safe. We think about what we want, more than we’re giving back to the world.

It would be good to think about our world, and open our thinking  to the natural world as we all occupy the same ecosystem. Think about what that really means for the wider world, and think about how we need to change.

With less cars on the road, less public transport and no air travel, the air smells fresh, the skies are blue, the smog is clearing, the birds are singing, CO2 emissions are lowered, and as a result we can all live longer. Air travel is the biggest polluter. It is important to start being proactive, more than we have ever been. We need to change our lifestyles to protect ourselves and the natural world.

The truth is we are running out of time and now we have lost our liberty. The natural world is succumbing to fatalities, to the point of extinction, through how we live our lives. Scientists couldn’t be clearer, we are shutting the world down and with it we’re succumbing to illness ourselves, the human species is dying prematurely.

“Ten million species live on Planet Earth, each one is incredible yet none can live by itself.”- Chris Packham. We need to do more. We need to become more selfless and less selfish.

29 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “The World Pandemic

  1. I agree with you completely.

    This week, Sir David Attenborough said the virus is no real surprise, as there has always been disease; but as the panel is now so tightly packed and as we travel as we do, it is hardly surprising it spreads.

    His view is the pandemic is a short term problem, but the environmental crisis is coming to a very critical point which could affect our existence.

    The Pandemic has shown that governments can co-ordinate efforts and I hope they understand the climate crisis needs a similar response.

    1. Thank you. I write the way I see things. Yes, there is a lot more wrong with people than there is with the world and that needs to change now.

      The world exists, but we must learn to co-exist. It takes something like a Pandemic to point and show us the way and that’s not fine, because we should be paving the way for ourselves, giving back to the world already.

      It must be extremely difficult for Sir David Attenborough to talk about it in this way. My admiration and respect to him. At 91 years of age, he’s seen a lot of changes, made harder when we are responsible.

      All governments must work together. Not to means they’re continuing to expose and put our great nations at even more risk.

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