Things coming full circle

Have you ever noticed how after a series of events, the same situation you started with still exists and you end up back at the place you initially chose to walk away from?

Even if we don’t believe in how the universe works, what is meant to happen will always find its way back to us. When things come full circle, we will always be brought back to that place. Whatever we were in doubts about will always come full circle, if that was the road we were meant to take initially.

That perhaps if we were more clued up or sure about ourselves, the things we let go of would still be in our lives. That we would make better decisions, rather than the decisions we go on to make and then find years down the line, we’re looking at those earlier decisions we perhaps should have made.

Life has a way of balancing and correcting those things. Timings, the decisions we make have a lot more to do with our perceptions, of what we see at that moment and the decisions we make. Positive and negative, good or bad timings are both equally occurring, but it’s easy to understand why we would think bad and negative aren’t so much equal.

Bad things seem to happen more and take longer for us to work through than it does for us to work through the good. There are of course lots of twists and turns, if only we also understand those. We need to understand how coming full circle works, because with more understanding comes acceptance that we are where we’re supposed to be at any given time, regardless of the decisions we make.

That would help us become more accepting of us coming full circle, instead of fighting against it all the time. Knowing simply empowers us to understand our life, to understand the changes that need to be made and why we may come full circle. To also allow us to see people and patterns occurring and dealing with those differently.

29 May, 2017

2 thoughts on “Things coming full circle

  1. Coming full circle means that we survived our lives and framed it.

    But what’s truly remarkable, is that with the gift of hindsight, we now know what’s really important to us.

    1. Thanks Tim. I absolutely agree with you, but would just add.

      Hindsight is a good thing, but if we were to consciously think about things before we made our decisions, we wouldn’t need to work in hindsight.

      Hindsight may sometimes work against us, particularly if we end up doing something we should never have walked away from in the first place.

      Granted we will have soaked up new experiences, but that depends on whether those experiences we’re really right for us. Sometimes our decisions can spiral us into some very dark places.

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