Things seem easier

Things seem a little easier this morning. I’ve decided to try to be more relaxed about my health issues. I’ve read somewhere that learning how to breath properly helps with digestion and reflux problems so I’ve introduced breathing exercises into my routine and it seems to be working. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

22 Dec, 2012

6 thoughts on “Things seem easier

  1. Yes, learning to breath will help. I’ve seen a book on it somewhere, I’ll have to look it up.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Hope YOU have a wonderful day!!

  2. There are a lot of times that I do forget to breathe, which can make doing things very difficult. It’s why I usually end up even telling other people to breathe when they’re getting totally stressed out!

    I do know that they have breathing exercises which I’ll have to really try out one of these days. It does help once in a while to stop and take a deep breath, to remind myself that I am a living, breathing human being!

    1. It’s not a bad exercise to remember to do Randy. We should probably all think about our breathing and take two to three minutes out of day to encourage ourselves to encourage ourselves to breath deeply.

      Breathing correctly does help us cut down on stressful situations.

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