Things staying broken

Some things are meant to stay broken. As hard as it is to reconcile, sometimes it’s the way things are meant to be. Wouldn’t life be great if we could all wave a magic wand and everyone said nice things to each other and pulled together, even if we are dealing with our own insecurities?

The truth always surfaces when we’re at our most vulnerable and upset about something. I have found it’s often circumstances that arise from comments expressed in anger that are the most damaging and which often cut to the chase.

We need to matter more than our circumstances need to matter and if that means walking away from drama, then perhaps that needs to happen. It’s often the things that are said in anger that speak the most truth that come out, when others least expect it.

Unfortunately, the really hurtful things that go on to change the way we perceive a person can never be reversed. It’s just the way things are. There are just some things in life that for whatever reason, are meant to stay broken.

8 Jul, 2014

6 thoughts on “Things staying broken

  1. I have one instance that I can think of that was never resolved and it won’t be. I decided to just let it go because things were said in anger and the heat of the moment, so I guess that will stay broken.

    I have forgiven this person in my mind but not face to face. They probably don’t even realize what they have done and that’s okay.

    Our relationship is good. We’re family and I don’t want to mess things up and cause a rift. The incident will always be in the back of my mind though.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It’s probably because you let things go that the rift you had isn’t so much of a rift anymore, or as far as you’re concerned.

      If the other person was to blame and we back down, we may be able to salvage something from our rift, but from my own experience when we get to that stage of an impending rift, there is usually no turning back, whether it’s family or a friend. In any event I’m not sure we really should.

      Do people really not know what they’ve done? I believe they do, but I’m not sure how bothered they really are when it gets to that stage. It’s very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle on things that are said without falling out.

      Whether something happens with family or a friend, I still think it difficult to

  2. I agree with you on this. I have spent a lot of my adult trying to fix things with family and friends when, with hindsight I probably shouldn’t have bothered.

    I look back and I think I have been taken for an idiot and those people have shown through their behaviour that they really don’t care. The bottom lime is why should I care?

    Perhaps things are broken and stay broken for good reason and trying to fix those things is wrong.

    1. Ditto on your thoughts. I agree things are broken for a reason. We just have to understand why and look for those lessons.

  3. Yes there are many things that once broken,can’t be unbroken!

    My whole childhood was spent hearing things that children shouldn’t hear, so I only learned about the worst that people have to offer. I heard “I’m sorry,” so many times that after a while it didn’t really mean anything to me.

    So many people in the world seem to like things being broken and don’t care how it affects other people. The mad quests for money, power and prestige may actually lead to the downfall of the human race as we know it!

    We may have a chance to change things, but unless people really want it, nothing will really change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes your last paragraph says it all. I also believe we have a chance to change but unless people really want to change, nothing will change.

      I’m just wondering and it begs the question, do people like to have things being broken? I cannot speak for anyone else of course, but I would rather sort something out than live with something that’s broken.

      To live with something that’s broken means we have to come to terms with it, whilst finding a place or a form of acceptances. That becomes much harder in many respects.

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