Thinking a different way

We can’t always know what will happen just before it happens, but that doesn’t stop us thinking we know. As we start to invent possible scenarios in our mind of the things that could happen, we begin to stress more because we aren’t quite sure how we’re going to deal with those things.

Some of the time we may be right with our thoughts, other times we may be wrong, but if we just choose to keep an open mind to all possibilities, we could be reasonably sure that things will work out.

Even if we don’t know for sure, we need to stay positive that things will work out how they’re supposed to. We have to believe they will. Nothing ever stays the same and things usually work out how they’re supposed to.

26 May, 2016

10 thoughts on “Thinking a different way

  1. We often have ideas about how we expect certain things to happen and this can inevitably lead to disappointment and resentment.

    Sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t.

    1. Thank you, yes I couldn’t agree more.

      Sometimes we think we know, which isn’t the same thing as knowing and perhaps that’s what leads to disappointment and resentment, particularly if we’ve wanting that particular thing to happen and we’ve misread the situation completely.

  2. Being a self-confessed over protector of myself, I’m not quite ready to just let things happen, unless my situation called for special efforts.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, personally, I’m not sure we should just let things happen. I feel it’s important for us to be in control and to understand how to work things out, just so that we get the answers we need and the outcome we want.

      I think if more of us became aware we’d behave slightly differently and with other people.

  3. It’s very hard for me NOT to imagine the worst case scenario, considering the way I grew up.

    We usually had to try to figure out how to handle whatever was going to happen next, just to be able to survive. People who had normal childhoods had the luxury of being able to make mistakes whereas we didn’t.

    It’s no wonder I became so neurotic from trying to learn how to survive without the benefit of parents who teach you how to do those things. It isn’t quite that easy to just let things happen, when it was literally a matter of life or death if you made the wrong decision.

    It would be fantastic if I could have more of a normal life like everybody else, who has the luxury of being human!

    1. Thanks, yes our childhood years are the most impressionable and can either shape our future positively or negatively.

      That’s not to say we can’t learn how to change the way we see things in the future. It just means we must come to unlearn and relearn what we’ve been taught and take the onus off us, so that we can work through the healing process and I believe we all have the ability to do this.

  4. This is very good Ilana! I think its human nature for us to have fear of the unknown, but to keep a positive outlook and focus on the good possibilities of the situation is very important!

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Even if we’re uncertain of a particular outcome, having a positive attitude may bring about a more positive outcome I couldn’t agree more.

      A positive attitude is important for a more positive outcome. I couldn’t agree more.

  5. Thank you Ilana! I read that post to my dad and I think it went through one ear and out the other.

    I believe he didn’t get the message. I’ll keep bringing it up to try and get him out of his funk LOL!

    1. I am sure when your dad is more ‘in the zone’ Bonnie, he will take the message from the blog in his stride. Emotionally we have to be in a good place to receive them.

      With your dad’s Bipolar it must be slightly more difficult, but I believe it will come.

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