Thoughts on stress

If you happen to be easily agitated, frustrated and moody, or you’re irritable, short tempered and lack patience, you’re carrying stress.

Unconsciously, we carry stress and aren’t always aware that we do. We need recognise, acknowledge and accept that we are stressed and that we need to deal with it. We shouldn’t ignore or pass the buck on it. Stress can break families, friendships and relationships.

If you think you have or know someone who deals with stress, please own it or let the other person know you care and are happy to help.

1 Oct, 2014

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on stress

  1. I know all to well about stress. I deal with it on a daily basis it seems and it is related to family most of the time.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes I am sure many of us face the same problems with stress, based around family and family issues. These are my experiences too.

  2. Stress is something I know very well and have never been very good dealing with it!

    The only way I could survive through it as a child was to totally shut out the world which I now know is called dissociation. It would explain a lot since I tend to internalize most of what I’m feeling, so it’s no wonder I have depression and what not!

    I had to deal with someone who’s explosively stressful the other day who was screaming in my face! He seems to have the delusion that I want to be with his ex-girlfriend when that’s truly not the case. I just find it ridiculous on top of everything else that I’m having to deal with!

    So yes, I do know a lot about stress and just have to learn how to properly process the stress so I don’t internalize all of it!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes you’re absolutely right when you say, we must learn to process the stress so that we don’t internalise everything. If we can at least recognise the symptoms, we can deal with stress.

      I tend to stand back on what I’m dealing with so that I can see the bigger picture. When I see the bigger picture I can usually make more of an informed choice on which way I need to go and that helps me.

      Of course we have to go with what works.

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