To understand, to forgive

Our ability to see beyond hurt encourages emotional growth. When we understand other people’s actions that causes us to feel and understand, it allows us to let go.

We may never go on to experience life in its entirety, if we don’t let go of resentment. It’s the act of letting go that allows us to make space for bigger and better things. It is easy to hold on to resentment, when others who have hurt us don’t express remorse, or accept what they’ve done.

That is something for them to change. Although the relationship can never change unless they change, when we carry the burden, we’re causing ourselves more pain. When we stop inflicting hurt on ourselves, we start to encourage a shift in something much bigger than ourselves.

When we understand the hurt, we can rationale and let go. It’s a statement that encourages understanding, resulting in emotional growth.

14 Dec, 2016

4 thoughts on “To understand, to forgive

  1. You’re better off giving a person time to reckon with their own soul. If they don’t have a soul, you’re wasting your time being hurt.

    But I forgive quicker when I know Karma is visiting the person that hurt me.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, quite. I believe though that Karma does visit, but not when we would like it to. Before it does, we tend to give up thinking it will and that in itself reinforces where we are.

      I think we all have a soul, but the problem is the majority of us aren’t connected to it; others just don’t care. It’s harder to forgive than it is to find a place, but if we’re intending to find a place that still takes time.

  2. I’m not the quickest at forgiving, although I understand the importance of forgiving and how much more at ease we’ll be through being able to forgive.

    I too believe that karma will prevail and while I try to forgive, I certainly don’t forget.

    1. Yes, through understanding I believe we can forgive, but I don’t think we ever forget; although perhaps for some people that will depend on the deed. I struggle with the act of the deed more, than the deed itself.

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