Trauma can be a result of something that happens in our life that leaves us physically and emotionally traumatised that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be seen as a problem.

As a consequence of trauma, we may struggle with our emotions that can be upsetting, memories that are frightening or a sense of being in danger, perhaps through an assault. As a result we may feel numb, be unable to trust others because of our experiences, or just feel disconnected with the world.

There are other ways we can experience trauma and often do. Living with stress in a dysfunctional family is another form of trauma. That is the most common form. It is important to learn more about what it all means, how we can deal with trauma and how working through trauma can eventually bring peace back into our lives.

Trauma doesn’t just affect the person dealing with the trauma, but will also affect that person’s family. Unfortunately, when trauma becomes the focus, it will trigger other thoughts on what we deal with too.

19 Jul, 2010

4 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. I can relate in a way. My ex committing suicide by gun traumatized my daughter (his daughter). She would have bad dreams about guns coming after her. Eventually she started staying with my mother at night so someone would sleep with her. She was only 8 years old. Its had a pretty big impact on her still even though its been 13 years.

    It will get better for Daniel but there will always be an underlying feeling about trust and security. We can give them tons of love, understanding and support. And of course it hurts us to see them go through this trauma. I’m still upset about what happened and of course I get mad at him (even though he’s gone) for doing this to his daughter.

    The therapist helped us deal better with what she was going through. Things did get better but, its still there and talking to Sarah and sympathizing with her helps her alot. Its very hard Ilana and I’m so sorry you and your family and Daniel are going through this. I wish I could do something for you more to help. I’m here whenever you need an ear. Lisa

  2. Obviously that would depend on the trauma one is dealing with. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, although traumatic isn’t the same as being mugged or beaten up and left in a pool of blood. My most recent journal explains a little more about the psychological mind and how we see trauma.

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