Treating people equally

Just because we don’t have opportunities doesn’t make us incapable. It is important we treat and see people in the same way. We must treat people equally.

‘Equality is defined as being equal, the same in value, and the same in quality and measure.’ People must change the way they see things. When it comes to equality of the sexes, men and women are just as smart and as capable as each other.

Equality means we’re all equal and therefore should be treated fairly, not equally, while diversity recognises that there are individuals and group differences and so people should be treated as such. Individuals cannot progress when there is no equality and being equal, and is the reason we must be treated equally.

Treating people equally, means our human rights are guaranteed. Human rights guarantee people the means necessary so that they may satisfy their basic needs such as having food on a plate, having a house, and having access to an education.

Human rights guarantee people’s life, their liberty, equality and security, which means they are protected against abuse. Human rights also include people’s freedom from slavery, freedom of expression and opinion, and their right to education and work.

Everyone must be entitled to these rights without being discriminated against. Society and all governments must work together to end discrimination.

24 Jan, 2020

4 thoughts on “Treating people equally

  1. Unfortunately, there is still truth in the old saying that we are all born equal, just some are born more equal than others.

    The sooner societies treat everyone fairly, without prejudice and with respect, the better.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Without a fairer society, and treating others with respect, we will fail to act in accordance with the universe.

      It is important we treat each other with respect and continue to work towards a fairer society. Governments are instrumental in setting the tone on how they expect people to behave. They’re not getting it right.

  2. Everyone is born equally, until they discover the impulses that drive a sick society, a sick world. You get a taste of discrimination quickly and you understand the terms and conditions, like a nervous habit.

    But by continuing with discrimination and inequality, they have unleashed the likes of The CP Diary and people who have obtained the tools to deal with it.

    Every human being is equal in my eyes, I have always believed that.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. Yes, ‘everyone is born equally, until they discover the impulses that drive a sick society.’ – you’re right, it’s what we have.

      It’s something we must all work to change, starting with governments. They govern then create the society we have. They create the differences you see. The differences you see are the differences, we live by.

      We’re all the same. We must live consciously and unconsciously knowing we’re the same and change what we have and be kind to each other.

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