True feelings

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role.” – Jim Morrison

Emotionally and mentally we run, unable to show how we truly feel. True feelings buried under a deluge of unconscious thoughts, buried, or so we thought. Instead, ‘wear your heart on your sleeve.’

There is no point in us lying to ourselves because it’s easier… we may not be hurting others, but we are hurting ourselves. Freedom is to be what and who we really are.

We trade in our reality for an act. We give up our ability to feel because we think it’s easier and instead put on a mask. We fail to feel, fail to understand. We continue to live a lie.

If you were to write your thoughts down, your words would start to unlock. The first time we show our true feelings we unburden ourselves. It’s empowering, daunting, scary and it is powerful ‘stuff.’ It’s the universal truth.

We bottle up emotions, what we know deep inside, we repress and hide how we really feel, particularly if we’re hurting; or we’re just feeling sad. But what we hide will always surface and come back; what we feel is fear-induced.

Scared to open up, scared to be vulnerable. You may not always know why you’re feeling sad, or unhappy, but dig deep and bring your emotions and experiences to the surface, the emotions you’d long buried.

In the short term, it’s easy to ignore how you feel, we’ve all done it and continue to do it. In the long term of course, the emotions you’ve ignored, the fall outs you’ve moved away from, evoked by a particular person or situation, will always continue to surface. They never go away.

22 Jul, 2020

4 thoughts on “True feelings

  1. This is a great blog, Ilana. Every time we make a decision to fit in, we are burying a little part of ourselves down deep. This is denying of who we are by seeking approval of others who don’t matter.

    Nothing is more important than connecting with and being true to ourselves and expressing our own uniqueness. It took me a while to realise I had fallen into that trap and even longer to climb out of it.

    1. Thank you. I couldn’t agree with you more. Where you say, ‘every time we make a decision to fit in, we are burying a little part of ourselves down deep’ – we are and the more we do it, the more we lose ourselves.

      I didn’t want that. I wasn’t ready to give in or up. I believe my spiritual side, (although not often used when I was small) never allowed me to give up.

      Now through my words, through my blog, I am me.

    2. I have received a lot of criticism in my life because I have a tendency to express my true feelings outwardly. It can turn a mere situation into a problem sometimes, but I see that as background noise.

      Expressing and acknowledging my true feelings is a reflex for me.

      1. Thanks Tim. It’s who you are. Don’t change. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, and your truth is important, I’m not seeing it as a problem. It is more likely to be what the other person deals with.

        The problem is we’re closed emotionally. What others feel we don’t know about, until there is a problem and then we know about it.

        But if more of us were open and honest about how we feel, just imagine how much better the world would be.

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