It is only when you don’t have trust that you begin to question trust. Trust should form and be the backbone to relationships, but it often comes at a price. Children trust their dreams will be supported. And even if they don’t have dreams, with encouragement and support, children can begin to dream.

As adults, unless we’re void of emotion, we will know when we have let someone down, we also know when we’ve done a good job. The issue is denial.

We trust others have our back, we trust our agenda towards them is their agenda towards us. We trust they will do what they say, we trust that we can trust and that makes us feel better. We don’t question trust until we have to question trust.

Trust is an attitude towards those for whom we put our trust in. Ideally, we hope those we trust will be trustworthy and those who say they are trustworthy can be trusted. It also requires us to be trustworthy.

But for us to rely on others to trust what they say they will do, we must also be trustworthy, so that trust is reciprocated. We rely on trust, assuming the person we trust is trustable, but trust is not always what it seems. You can never have trust when you’re dealing with someone who has motives, their own agenda, are dishonest and who show self-destructive behaviour

Politics has become a breeding ground for mistrust, as well as global trust, trust in human nature. Trust starts in childhood. Where children are able to form secure attachments to their parents, and or caregivers, and they are able to trust their environment, they begin to form high levels of trust.

3 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. You’re right, trust is the backbone of all relationships. If we aren’t who we say we are and don’t do what we say we’re going to do, it will be difficult to trust others in the same way.

    Trust, like respect is learned, neither qualities exhibited by governments, of whichever political spectrum, in my experience.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we can’t argue with facts. And I agree it’s time governments exhibit and put trust at the heart of their parties. Overall this is what the world is seeing.

      It’s not something just the UK get to deal with. The bottom line for me is care… we just have to want to care and to make a difference.

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